The Brandtzaeg Curse

Everyone knows that listening to your mother is a good thing. The problem is you usually find that out after for example, not looking both ways before crossing the street and getting smushed by that big car.
The other day I decide to pop into the dentist for a quick in and out. You know, “Oh hello there Dr.! Can I have one cleaning to go, with a side of those funky toothbrushes and maybe some free stickers?”
I was breezy, I was carefree, I was yes, I must say lovely in my innocence.
The hygienist took ne look in my mouth and “Holy g-d what the hell?” She looked at me like I had just crawled out of a cave. “Have you never heard of flossing?”, she pretty much snarled at me. I have never seen a hygieist that upset. I mean she acted like it was a personal attack on her and all she stands for. I think she loves her job. Must be nice.
Okay so my flossing habits were not consistent. I figured a haphazard once every two months would do the trick, after all it’s not like I don’t brush.
Well I was wrong. Apparently my not flossing has resulted in what they call “a bloody mess” in dental lingo.
I need a cleaning, root canal, filling, extraction, crown…. my Insurance company is going to drop me.
So yesterday my first cleaning went well for about 5 minutes. Then I started to hemorrhage, for the next 12 hours.
After an emergency intervention by my dentist, an exam by a physician, a molestation by a lab tech who drew enough blood to keep a vampire fed for a year, I sit here awaiting results that will tell me that a) I have hemophilia, b) I have some other hemoglobin disorder, c) some kind of liver problem, d) or just a case of the Brandtzaeg curse
According to my Mom, my Bestamor’s side of the family, the Brandtzaeg’s have this little blood issue where they bruise for no reason (me), and bleed profusely at inopportune moments (apparently me).
First time I’ve ever heard of the curse. I wonder what else she is keeping from me.



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2 responses to “The Brandtzaeg Curse

  1. your genetic history is intriguing…

    ima miss you 😦

    keep me updated about what happens with all them tests

  2. what the??? did you delete my other comments…. you you you you..i mustn’t say the word less i offend the other members of your virtual audience–>

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