Let’s Pretend Today Never Happened…

When it rains it pours

SO my cousin called and informed us that Matt never got on the plane in LA. He “missed” his flight according to him. Of course he didn’t bother telling anyone until my brother had driven an hour to get to the airport and was heading in to get him.
As we speak he is hunkered down at Nicole’s husbands liquor store in the ghetto waiting till his Dad cools down before he goes home.
This is just going to go from bad to worse. Matt reminds me of my brothers, except they were not in LA where messing up can get you killed. His family is trying to keep him alive until he grows some sense.
My parents are in town because my Dad has been having chest pains, numbness in his arm, nausea….classic symptoms of what folks? A HEART FREAKING ATTACK? yes that would be right.
SO instead of going to the emergency room like any normal person, my Dad first tries to put off going until Monday “nah man it’s nothing…let’s wait to see how I feel after the weekend” ,
then he gets in the car and drives an hour away to visit his Dr. at his clinic. Where they are known to stash echo machines, defibrillators, nitroglycerin, etc…yeah sure.
Of course they have no cel phone so I have no way of contacting them to see if they are okay. My paper is never going to get writ.
Sitting here on the phone trying to figure my family out when my cat almost falls on me (he likes to pretend he is royalty and sits on the back of the couch like it’s a throne). The entire building starts shaking for about 4 or 5 seconds. I thought one of the snow trucks outside had run into the side of the building. My sister calls me 5 minutes later from work shrieking about how her entire building almost fell down. Channel 17 confirmed it: we were hit with an earthquake, more details to come…
I called my poor brother who is on his way home with no cousin in tow–he felt nothing but he is too concerned with the fact that he forgot his glasses at home and can’ t see a damn thing.
“what is going on?” he said.
“I don’t know, I replied, but just call me when you get home and we will try to pretend this day never happened.”



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6 responses to “Let’s Pretend Today Never Happened…

  1. desert-Rose

    Wow – I love listening to you – you write really well – quite amusing – unfortunately the events are true – quite disturbing – all in one day huh!


    Well keep me posted about your dad – does he by any chance realize that he is not 25? The dentist sounds painful, but I have seen your teeth and they look mighty fine to me – then again I have never been all up in your mouth (currently releaved about that fact)

    Earthquake? Are you on a fault? How much was it on the Richter scale? So strange.

    Well keep blogging, since I have no life at all and must live vicariously through others.

  2. firitimo

    you should start using spell check.

  3. Firifoto…don’t tell me how to spell!

  4. desert-Rose

    firitimo – who has time for spell check?

  5. spell check ruins my mojo

  6. who is desert-rose? do i know you?

    dang..that’s so scary about your dad’s heart attack.. i wish i could have read this sooner.. my dad did something very similar when he had his first heart attack.. he felt “icky” and decided to take a stroll, yes STROLL, to his doctor’s office.. where they told him “you need to go to emergency!!!!”

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