Cats Should Not Eat Grapes

Apparently grapes can make them violently ill. Which explains kitty witty’s episodes of violent vomitting after he eats them. He loves grapes, especially the green ones. If I leave them out on the counter he eats them all. I guess I will have to restrict his access.
He’s already poisoned himself with Advil and had to have an emergency detox at the vets.
I wonder if strawberries are okay for cats?



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17 responses to “Cats Should Not Eat Grapes

  1. firitimo

    is your cat coming on to me?

  2. He likes to make out with people
    This is his “come hither” look…

    Or he could have just eaten a grape and is sick to his stomach.

    I can’t tell

  3. Jennifer

    My cat loves grapes and strawberries. I have been feeding him 2-3 every morning. He has not showed any signs of illness. I wonder if something will happen even if I stop giving them to him now? Did you find out about the strawberries?

  4. Hi Jennifer! My cat loved grapes and strwberries and mangoes…anything juicy he would devour. Actually he ate dates once too. But for some reason he would not touch wet cat food. He looked at me like I was insane if we put it out for him! I never asked anyone about it though because he seemed to be fine as long as he didn’t overeat.
    He was part Maine Coon- which apparently is a unique breed to begin with..maybe that had something to do with it!
    Sadly we had to give him away because my allergies got so bad. It got to the point where I was having an attack every day and it was making me sick. I miss his fat little self all the time though. My house is not the same without him 😦

  5. Flexio

    Your cat is so beautiful–and looks like it loves you….

  6. Tusseroo

    My cat loves to eat mandarin oranges out of the can. I will sit and feed him the can and then we will snuggle. He also loves grapes but will only eat them when I hand peel them for him. He has never eaten a strawberry however. I love my cat.

  7. Cowboy

    Cats should not eat grapes at all because of it being toxic to them. Also from what I’ve read cats do best on raw meat diets. They are strictly carnivores so they eat nothing but prey in the wild.

    I’ve started my own cat on a raw meat diet and she is loving it for the most part. She doesn’t seem to like eggs tho. Anyway I figured I would let you know that both grapes and rasins are toxic to them. But small amounts sholdn’t be as toxic which is why the other person who fed her cat 2 to 3 of them every morning didn’t show any signs of illness.

    Also for everyone else cats don’t always show signs of illness right away. You also have to be able to see the signs of illness when they present themselves.

  8. Courtney

    Have you heard of Siberian cats? They are low allergen cats. I have asthma to cats and I got one and have had no problems aside from occasional itchy eyes when it nears the time we have to bathe her…and I have even avoided that by washing my eye lids with baby shampoo. We bathe her every two weeks. Type Sibano Siberians into a search…that is the breeder we got her from…but just typing up Siberian cats will come up with lists of breeders all over. I just want to share the word with everyone that you can have a cat if you have allergies…..they have LOTS of fur too!

  9. Thanks so much Courtney! I will definitely look into it. You’re very sweet to spread the word for all us allergy sufferers 🙂

  10. I have a cat who LOVES grapes — red grapes! If I am eating grapes she bugs me until I give her one. I bite it in half and put the halves down for her. She also LOVES greens — romaine lettuce, spinach, celery leaves, broccoli leaves (not the florets, the leaves from the stalk), green beans, olives (with the pimento), and blueberries. My other cat LOVES cantalope; she’s not interested in the greens, though! I do give my cat a grape once in a while — she is 11 now and seems just fine — all vet visits are positive. My other cat is now 15 and also has a clean bill of health. The grapes that I give my cat are seedless and it’s not like she’s eating a bunch of grapes every day — just a grape here and there.

  11. Sam Murray

    Cats are allowed to eat Strawberries, in fact they love them due to their relation to cat nip. Sometimes you will find they only like the leaves, sometimes they will roll on the strawberry (what my kitten does).

  12. My kitten eats about anything. one of my other cats LOVES plastic which is so odd. When my daughter eats a candy cane he always listens for the wrapper my daughter gets so annoyed! my other cat the only human food she eats is shrimp. I always let the kitten play with a grape and he ends up eating it. there hasnt been any symptons he just sleeps alot more but our vet said “he is just growing” She also said that ” grapes and chocolate are totally fine as long they are very small portions and not daily symptons are: not eating, acting wierd when around people, hisses alot and has bad diarrhea and bad gas

  13. Tammy

    My 1 year old cats loves mushroom soup, tomato soup, and cooked potatoes, and I let her lick the grape juice off my fingers today and she loved that too. She also loves black olives and soft cheese and buttermilk. My 11 year old cat only eats dry cat food and drinks water, but if I drop a piece of pepperoni on the floor, he gobbles it up. No other people food for him though; he just doesn’t like it.

  14. Margo

    So mine isn’t the only one that won’t eat anything but dry food and water. He won’t touch anything out of a can…believe me I’ve tried them all. And also will have nothing to do with people food!

  15. Cats hunting for themselves must get vegetable material from the guts of their prey. Is just meat deficient for them?

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