Village Girl

Been off for a while sludging through the wilds of academia….
I’ve been to Africa where there are Asante, and Nguni and Xhosa. Where Sokoto rose up under Usman Dan Fodio and the Mandinka fell to the Europeans.
I’ve been to the edge of reason trying to decipher where I stand on humanism vs gynocentric feminism. And gave up trying to explain that ‘gyno’ doesn’t refer specifically to someone’s (whisper) vagina…..
I discovered exclusion; why, how, whatever. Collective guilt, angst and forgiveness.
Research question: Do Muslims feel collective guilt? Ever? Or do we hide behind the justifications of the ‘evil’ West made me do it?
Am now at the stage of anxiety ridden studying for exams.
The summer off, I can’t wait!

I moved residences about a week or so ago. My new place is very nice, large and much more airy than the last place I was in. My brother called my last apartment Aushwitz, but I think he exaggerates.
The neighbourhood is being built up to rival one of the trendier areas in the city. I can tell people I live in the ‘Village’ now!
My darling little witty is gone. I gave him to my brother on account of my allergies. I miss his fat little self, but he was hella trouble.

Cousin Matt went home the other day. After spending a month with my parents I think he now has the fear of God in him. His sister said “You see? You could have had it like that all your life!!!” Ha! She has no idea….
Apparently he now has a new appreciation for his parents. Don’t worry it won’t last.



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  1. what? you live in a gawn??? (i don’t know how to spell it but i hope you know what i mean)–>

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