Is it possible that we will never live in a world of peace?
I don’t know why I am surprised.
When you study history you can see how we are a species hell bent on destroying each other. We cannot abide anyone different than us, we hate with such vehemence those that have different opinions than us, and in positions of power we try our hardest to wipe out anyone weaker than us.
Sometimes it gets to be too much to bear for me. I am feeling such a feeling of fatigue and helplessness today. Don’t people ever get tired of hating?



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8 responses to “Cynicism

  1. i hate to say this…but “world peace” is an oxymoron

  2. Look I inhabit a world of jedi masters where good always overcomes evil…what can I say?

    Everytime I swear I will never be shocked again, something in me always rebels at expecting the worst from people.

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