I am slowly going crazy, going crazy slowly am I…tra la la la la

I cannot wait till this is over!!! The last week of finals and I have officially contracted writers block……… I mean I am writing but nothing is making any sense….which is not good considering it is not the alcoholic professor who will be grading this, it’s the one who actually has EXPECTATIONS of me. Do you know how scary that is? Sometimes it’s better if people just expect crap from you.

Not only do I have writers block I have serious procrastinationitis which compells me to spend hours trolling the internet looking for anything to amuse myself. On top of that I seem to have developped chronic fatigue syndrome which is causing me to crave sleep as I have never craved it before.
Add to that the overwhelming desire for chocolate, ice cream, wings, espresso, Booster Juice (Brazilian Thunder, no bananas please!) …and you get a little snapshot into my last 24 hours.

I have 12 more pages to write. Inspiration is sure to come at midnight as I pound away on my laptop trying to finish before my 12noon deadline.

Two papers to go and then I am going to sleep for a week. And watch as much Judge Judy as I freakin want!



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5 responses to “I am slowly going crazy, going crazy slowly am I…tra la la la la

  1. you spelled “developed” wrong

  2. two papers to go and we hangout!!! YAY

  3. get off your procrastinating stratopygus and do some work

  4. you spelle steatopygous wrong…

  5. saadia

    you spelled spelled wrong LOL

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