Onward Muslim soldiers!


Topic: Should men seek to contribute to the generation of feminist theory? If so, how? If not, why not?

At this point a goat could contribute and I wouldn’t care…one more paper and then 4 months of freedom.



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10 responses to “Onward Muslim soldiers!

  1. i wonder if there’s such thing as masculinist theory. i’d like to contribute to that, and BOY! do i have lot to contribute 😉

  2. There is no masculinist theory because to construct a theory you have to go through a cycle of introspection, self-criticism, realization of your social, political, psychological, economic position relative to others in society and most men have never had the need or desire to do that.
    These type of theories usually arise when a group is forced through discrimination to discover themselves and the world they inhabit. Black Women, Lesbians, Third World Women….theory out of need and now want.
    So can men help generate fem theory? I think so…but only if they have the awarenes and desire to deconstruct themselves and the patriarchal society we live in.

  3. What I really want to do is look into Muslim Feminist theory

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  5. Hey Iris Blue
    Its Sunday today, do you know what that means? You’re done!!! Yay, I know how that feels. I just remembered something, I didn’t give you the manual for the printer, if you have any problems call the man with the beard on fire, he’ll be most obliged.
    Enjoy yourself and I’ll be visiting you often, oh and btw, you’re entry on procrastination is hilarious! And so true, though you take it a little further than I do…

  6. Susu,
    I am going to miss you…it won’t be the same this summer without you here.
    I am considering running away myself!
    Thanks so much for the hospitality yesterday – Yusuf says he is proud of you and he wishes you all the best and that he understands why you need to get away from those(I think he called them) brutes 🙂 ha ha .
    He said to tell you he has always felt a little sorry for you!

  7. Thank you Yusuf! I wasn’t sure if he knew I existed because I am always surrounded by a massive(literally) amount of men…
    He can transfer his sorrow to my mother, she’s in for a real ride! Do me a favour and call her once in a while? She already bought me a phone card with about 85 years of talk time, but it will be good for her to talk to you too…

  8. sumayyyahhhhh i’m going to miss you too 😦 boo hoo.. where are you now? i feel like we’ve all been separated.
    i miss you to IB.. i got a calling card and will call you soon inshallah.

  9. Nayya I am sooo happy that we reconnected after such a long time. Our separation is just temporary, we’ll all be together again soon inshaAllah, God Willing! You can call me too, I’ll send you my tel # soon. I probably won’t have internet access until May 8th so don’t think I’m ignoring you or anything…lots of love!

  10. saadia

    haha u guys call her nayya too 🙂

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