Anybody Hiring?

School is finally done! I handed in my last paper on Saturday after a few heart stopping moments involving disappearing footnotes (did you know email doesn’t save any formatting?) and a locked printer room door. I swear I aged 10 years trying to get this paper handed in on time.
Was in Montreal for a farewell to a friend. She is off to live with the midnight sun and commune with nature. Lucky her. We had such a nice time. It is so nice to see everyone …the Petrus’s have the best barbeques, the food is amazing, the company unparalleled…you always feel like a million dollars after you’ve left their house. I don’t think people tell them enough, or show their appreciation to them for how they bring people together and make each of them feel so special. There must be a special place in jannah for them.
I am looking for a second job this summer to try an save up for my tuition. I was thinking maybe a bookstore or something similar. If I manage to save enough maybe I will actually have enough for a little trip. Right now the only trips I take are in my head.



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10 responses to “Anybody Hiring?

  1. Salaam Iris Blue
    How sweet of you to say that about our bbq’s! Jazakallu khair
    We really want people to have a good time and enjoy the food and the company and everything. I am going email my mother and father to tell them to come read your post. Its funny, whenever we do a big bbq, we all have different roles. Mom and I do the invites, most of the shopping and almost all the preparing. Fire Beard does the bbq-ing and a lot of the entertaining. Other random male members do misc. work, yard cleaning, last minute grocery stops etc…and it all works out! Alhamdulilah, all Praise is for God Almighty.
    Though I am not yet in the land of the midnigt sun, British Columbia is wonderful. I remember listening to a talk by Hamza Yusuf about how in the Qur’an, Allah tells humans to look at nature an contemplate it as a sign of God. It truly is. I wish I knew more about geological processes and formations and geology in general. But my aunt who I will live with in Yellowknife is a geologist, so hopefully she can educate in that way.
    Okay, keep coming to my site for more pictures, I will keep posting them. My aunt here is impressed with all this new-fangled technology, but it is great.

  2. ok seriously. talk about rubbing salt into a wound. I am so sad that i could not make this bbq.

    ib, working in a bookstore is a fab idea. can you imagine the discounts off of books you would get?

  3. I know!!! I love books so it wouldn’t even be like working….I think???

    Susu, Nature is truly a sign from Allah — your soul breathes when you are surrounded by His glory. I’ve always wanted to visit a desert…I think it was Jamal who said it is a truly spiritual experience being in a place like that.

  4. anybody got a spare kidney?

    man, you guys are friggin soppy…

  5. where’s your blog, firitimo? do you know anything about Greek philosophy?

  6. saadia

    can i take a trip in your head too 🙂

  7. anybody gotta spare kidney?

    i don’t do blogs. soooooo passe

    i just like to spam them

  8. Kidney girl
    You have to come out here, we aren’t soppy! Nature is a sign of God’s glory and we should contemplate it…but I still love you and you can have 1 of my (brother’s) kidneys if you want.

  9. Ha Ha…Sadu a trip in my head can be a little freaky…are you sure you want to?–>

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