Blackness Confirmed

I am so glad this week is almost over!!! I am so tired of working…all I want to do is sit under a tree and look at the sky. What a life we lead – who invented the 9-5 work day anyway?
The weather here has been so beautiful- sunny with a breeze…it makes you seek out a patio, a cold drink and good company.
I am reading Islam and the Blackamerican by Dr. Sherman Jackson. This book is a must read for every Black muslim and those who would understand us. It is brilliant. I can’t believe I have found someone who expresses with such clarity and eloquence the story of Black folk and Islam. I have had so many discussions over the years with people about what it means to be a Muslim in this part of the world, what it means to be a Black Muslim and especially what it means to be children of converts to Islam. You spend your life searching for your place in a religion defined for you by others, which is something I have always rejected. The only community feel comfortable in is the small unit back in Montreal, that is a few families strong. If you see us together you wil notice that we are all converts or children of converts…one or two are immigrant Muslims who married in. That is the only place I feel truly at home. We are only human, Muslims integrating our Western sides and Islam in our lives, making errors along the way for sure….



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8 responses to “Blackness Confirmed

  1. alhamdolillah, i’m so happy that you found this book and saw him speak live way back in dec.

    wait a min.. are you saying you don’t feel at home with me?!??!

  2. Quiet Desi! I mean even Amirah thought you were Black….welcome to the club!

  3. I think I will read that book too, it sounds good. I know we talk a lot about being the children of converts and all the issues…being a double outsider, not being accepted by the prevalent communities…etc

  4. It is so nice to have someone who is a scholar validate our thoughts and concerns…he is eloquent and scholarly where we are not

  5. lol. yah, i remember.. off came the hijab and she realized i’m not black..

    even one white guy thought i was a tanned white girl. until he saw that the lines of my palm were brown and not pink or white… then he’s like.. “you mean you are not white? i thought you were just tanned” hahahahah

    dr. jackson is so cool mashallah, but you guys were so scared to talk to him in person. i would’ve talked to him if i was you. i still think it’d be cool to keep in touch with him personally. he’s an awesome role model.


  7. i can see the bike in the back..heheheh.. the one that you ride oh-so-much.

  8. ha! i look like i’m asleep. it is one of the few with me and hijab so it has become my standard internet pic!
    and isn’t witty hot?

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