So many celebrations!!!

We took a little trip up to my parents yesterday. We had to have a family barbeque before my brother and his esposa took off for Hawaii. Lucky kids. 2 weeks of white sand and sun. They bought my parents a new grill. My dad refuses to use anything but charcoal so it took forever to find one. Daddy has not forgiven his best friend (he of the fiery beard) for switching over to gas this year.

This was a weekend for celebrating! It was my sister’s birthday Friday, my sister-in-laws birthday today, it’s my nephew’s birthday tomorrow, it was Mother’s Day yesterday and it is Norwegian Independence Day on Wednesday!!!

My nephew is 1 tomorrow and he is still the size of a peanut. It is hysterical.

We had a really nice visit. On the way home my brother remarked on how many blessings we have in our life. To be able to be together and enjoy each other’s company is so wonderful. It is so nice to get encouragement from each other as well. We are all in such different places in our lives, and we all have something to offer each other I think. At least I feel that way.

My parents were so pleased to see us all. Daddy looked really well. He has gained some weight and seemes to be feeling healthy. His specialist said that he has mild kidney disease which can be taken care of by keeping his blood pressure down. So InshaAllah….It is so hard to keep him away from things he is not supposed to eat though! He gets really possessive over things like cake…

Mummy has herself a nice Mother’s Day. We bought her some expensive face stuff, which she loved and she got flowers from Munajj and Elisa.

The barbeque was sensational. Hamood is so obsessive about his barbeque method. He wouldn’t let anyone near the food until it was all ready, and we were starving. Elisa kept begging for a hot dog but he wouldn’t budge. But it was well worth it.

Mustafa and Jameela and their family stopped by. The kids are so cute …the last time I saw Jameela she only had two – I guess it’s been a while because she had four little sproggs running around yesterday.

We are starting to think about the summer and having a huge barbeque with all our favourite people. The only person that will be missing is our lovely Sumayyah.

Grandma D is in the hospital again. She keeps falling and cracking bones. The doctor won’t let her go home alone anymore and she is kicking up a fuss. I told her if she promised to let somebody live with her to take care of her I would make my way to Philadelphia this summer for our family reunion. I’m too poor to go to Europe so I might as well go an eat a hoagie in Philli….

Here are some more pics from yesterday:





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8 responses to “So many celebrations!!!

  1. Awww, how lovely!! I wish I was there! If you do have a big bbq this summer with my family, I want pictures and the whole run down. How nice! Great pictures of the family too. I miss you all!

  2. If I ever retrieve my camera from Montreal I will take plenty of pics!!! I am so lazy it will probably stay there for a year before I finally decide to go get it.
    We miss you too! Everyone was talking about you…my Dad was boasting about you and your graduation…so like are you a mason now or what?

  3. I am not able to discuss anything that happened at the iron ring ceremony…just kidding! No I am not a mason, I just took part in a weird ceremony that marked the end of 4 years of copy/paste and now I have a bachelor’s degree. The ceremony was originally formulated by Rudyard Kipling because engineers wanted a way to welcome new graduates into the profession but couldn’t think of anything creative themselves… so my vows involved pledging to protect the public and stuff like that. Harmless, really…

  4. yeah yeah whatever…MASON!!!!!!!!!

  5. saadia

    haha sumayyah you cant reveal the details of our secret initiation to those who haven’t trudged the arduous path of engineering.. muwahaha.. 🙂

  6. saadia

    btw pretty pics fatiha, yaar 🙂

  7. awwww..i love the family pics.. wonderful photos mashallah

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