My head is buried firmly in the sand…

Wedding fever is over. I had two weddings to go to this weekend in two different cities. Beautiful brides, good food – what more can you ask for. I attended my first Catholic wedding. It was really nice, traditional and religious which is always nice these days. We danced the night away too which resulted in a karmic boomerang of battered feet the next day. Never go dancing wearing new 4 inch heels borrowed from a cheap friend who shops at crappy stores. Thankfully I was able to sit for most of the night at the next wedding I went to.
Hopefully I will get some pics up soon.
I am so sick of the whole Ayan Hirsi affair. I guess I like to stick my head in the sand sometimes when it comes to these issues. People are furiously discussing, debating, arguing over points and counterpoints. I never take any of these women seriously. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it’s because I view anyone who opts out of the religion to have no basis to their arguments. I have always viewed Islam as a complex system of fundamental truths surrounded by many grey areas. Certain things are not negotiable; prayer, fasting etc.. but there are many things that leave you room to breath. I have never felt constrained or put upon and I grew up in a pretty strict family. Culture plays such a big part in how you integrate religion into your life no matter what religion you are. I think that’s why I get so annoyed with people like Hirsi. I have so much more respect for the countless women I have seen who work quietly to change the status quo through example and actions. I get so tired of hearing about the same old debates: Islam oppresses women – no it doesn’t – yes it does….
Men oppress women – patriarchy oppresses women – sexism oppresses women – imperialism oppresses women and every fuckin culture/society, takes each one of these things and applies it in different ways. Western cultures oppresses women differently than Eastern cultures but it is still oppression. To think otherwise is simple denial of fact.
That being said I find it so much more useful to promote education, peace, understanding which leads to empathy and the eventual eradication of bigotry.
Of course Muslims have issues to handle. What group of people doesn’t? But doesn’t it seem intuitive that if you insult people they will have no interest in what you have to say? If you want people to listen to your ideas maybe you should respect them for who they are first, even if you disagree with them.
I sat in class this year and listened to a group of white women furiously defend hijab and a woman’s right to wear it. It was one of the most interesting things I have ever seen. I just sat back and listened – I didnt have to say a word. In the same class I also listened to some people defend issues such as women-centred porn. Whatever my opinion, I owed those speaking my attention and respect. They afforded me the same respect when I put forth arguments against it. If only it was always that easy!
The people who have had the biggest impact on me are those who don’t pontificate, but show through their actions and behaviour what they believe in.


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