Can’t wait till August!

Yasmin and I booked our tickets to England last week. Ubah better be done her thesis by then! We are flying into Gatwick on the 16th of August and are going to be travelling around till the 31st. We’ll get Ubah to show around Sussex for a few days and then hopefully making our way to Spain! I can’t wait – Ubah is looking for cheap tickets as we speak. I really want to go to Southern Spain. I just may decide to stay there and paint orange trees for the rest of my life. My biggest concern is the cost of lodgings. We have places to stay in Sussex, London and I think we have connections in Madrid, so that should save us some money. We don’t have that much to spend – I have to be able to pay some money to the University when I get back. Yas has also decided that she wants to go to Paris now too. I could care less, but she wants to spend a day or two sightseeing.
I can’t wait to get out of here. Hopefully the flight we will be good. I hate flying and have to drug myself before I board a plane or I will have a full blown panic attack. It’s so sad…how did I get so crazy? It must be the family – in fact I’m pretty sure it is 🙂
I just want to pretend I’m a vagabond with no ties and no responsibilites for 14 days. Then I can come home and continue my anxiety attacks. 🙂
The reunion in Philadelphia is most likely going to be cancelled. I am relieved because I felt so guilty about not being able to make it after I told Grandma D I would be there. All the aunts are getting so old and it’s becoming difficult for them to plan the reunions like they used to. Grandma is sick, Aunt Theresa is sick…I told Naima to see if we could plan something around Christmas. Hopefully they will be feeling better then.
The weather was beautiful today! After work we went downtown and sat on a patio for hours watching people go by. The city comes alive in the summer. We were in the Market area and people were getting ready to start partying for the weekend. I was so happy to just sit and soak up the sun and fresh air. It’s been too long – no one is happier than Canadians once the weather turns nice.


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  1. i’m so excited for your trip to the UK, Spain and France inshallah. you will have a great time i’m sure. i wish that i could’ve joined you..

    will miss you

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