Days of Terror

Today I tuned into the news to discover that the police have arrested 17 men on suspicion of terrorism. They are from Toronto, and apparently have been under surveillance since 2004. I can’t believe that if what they say is true, that these guys actually were planning to bomb something! It seems unbelivable for Canada too – I mean this is the sort of thing that occurs in other countries doesn’t it? My naivete coming into play – or plain unwillingness to recogize the ugliness at my front door.
What goes through somebody’s head when they plan something like this? I do not understand how faith can transform itself into such arrogant self-righteous anger.
Faith is supposed to bring you peace, it is supposed to calm you. It’s not supposed to turn you into a homicidal maniac.
Maybe our problem stems from the fact that Muslims insist on practicing Islam that is foreign to our reality here in North America. We don’t lend ourselves to questioning, we rarely think outside the box and the concept of re-invigorating our religion is equated with bid’ah constantly. Perhaps we should be more concerned with the situation of the Muslims here at home rather than the decades old conflicts being played out overseas.
This shouldn’t diminish what is happening in Iraq or Palestine of course, but it’s not like we are helping them any right now.
I am just so tired of hearing about terrorism and prisons and war and hate and dying.
Dr. Sherman Jackson writes so eloquently about North American, specifically Black Islam. There is so much to do here, so much to learn and so many changes to make as a community. He inspires you to look beyond the status quo and reach for real truth. If more Muslims read his works and listened to his lectures maybe we would not have these issues.


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