I am being forced to watch boxing….

The bro is sick today. He is beyond pitiful. Moaning on the couch, acting as if he is dying of consumption. The men in my family are such babies when they are sick. I can’t understand why he is so sickly to begin with…I swear almost every month he is laid out in the bed.
Of course that means I have to run around feeling his forehead, stuffing him full of advil and juice and being nice to him. He is getting to watch boxing and soccer which is why I have been on the computer for hours. I just gave him some neocitran from my box of expired medecines. Then in about 2 hours I will give him some more drugs and shuffle him of to bed so I can watch the animal channel.

I made guacamole last night for the first time and almost put my eye out. Never stick a metal spoon into a blender that is ON. Take my word for it. There was guac everywhere – very gross.

Dr. Sherman Jackson’s book is seriously amazing. Every intuitive and not so intuitive thought you’ve ever had about Black people and Islam or immigrants and Islam is laid out. I’m doing the usual reading of 4 different books at once so it is taking me longer to read than usual but it is so worth it. When I saw him in Toronto I asked him a question that I would love to get more follow-up on. I wonder if he would respond if I tracked him down and emailed him? He probably doesn’t remember me.

Promise to self: This weekend is the weekend I break out the paints again. It has been too long and I have so many new paintings waiting inside me to come out, as well as others to finish.

Note to self: Follow through with promise to self


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One response to “I am being forced to watch boxing….

  1. Hey Iris Blue
    The weekend has passed…did you follow through with your promise to yourself?

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