Pet Peeve 1

So I’m in the car with Jazz and walking down the street is a Muslim couple. It is a hot June day, the sun is blazing away and here is this Muslim woman dressed in a thick jilbaab and niqab.
You can barely see her eyes and the tips of her fingers, but at least it wasn’t black – She was jazzing it up a bit in a pale green. Meanwhile her husband was sauntering along in a t-shirt and some khakis.
Look I understand that mens’ dress requirements are less strict than for us women, but if your wife is going to go all out, can’t you even put on a kufi?
It irritates the heck out of me to see these men wandering around in shorts and t-shirts, and I swear tank tops, while their wives cover head to toe. And I know, I know, a beard is not the be all and end all of religious commitment, but c’mon…your wife is a niqabi and you can’t grow a little stubble just as a nod to the sunnah?
What would really be funny is if I ran into a guy in full sunnah garb and his wife was in shorts…actually you know I did see something like that once. My friend and I almost had a heart attack. The guy had a fluffy beard and SHORT PANTS, and was walking by with a girl in a skirt and t-shirt with no hijab. It was hysterical. I found out later he was doing dawah..(converting) her…They’re married now. I hope they don’t see this.



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6 responses to “Pet Peeve 1

  1. LOL!

    Funny but soooo true. It sort of adds insult to injury when brothers do that in the West.

  2. I know!!! Aggravating. My friend knows someone who’s husband takes vacations without his wife because he goes places she can’t because of her the beach.
    This us why I get called a femi-nazi – when I hear things like that my ears start smoking and I start to talk in tongues.

  3. omg.. tell me about it. talk about a pet peeve.

  4. Hilarious! That’s my big pet peeve too. I’ve seen a a sister all layered up in chador during qiyam. Her husband meanwhile looked all trendy in some long shorts and a t-shirt. I was like, whoa, not very cool.

  5. Aggghh that bugs me!! A little solidarity please…?
    s’il vous plait?
    I remember after 9-11 – it was I think the day after it happened when we were all nervous and hypersensitive to any negative vibes around us – this young guy got in the bus in regular clothes but he had put on a kufi as well. He made the conscious choice to be recognized as Muslim and to effectively put a target on his back.
    It was an amazing gesture of solidarity and I’ve never forgotten him.

  6. BismillaharRahmanirRahim

    as-salaamu ‘alaikum. Just checking out some old posts and noticed this one. I agree with you, it does pose as an eye-sore to see Muslim women in full niqaab walking with a man dropping sunnats left and right. I have also posted on this (1, 2).

    But what I am observing is not so much if women look the part but is she carrying the sunnat of the rasulAllah (alayhi salatu wa sallim) in her manners and conduct.

    Now this is an area where Muslim women are dropping sunnats left and right. And frankly, I’m questioning whether or not a woman who is a Jew or Christian, but follows her husband’s committment to the sunnat of the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa sallim), is a better fit for a Muslim man?

    Its really something I’ve been thinking on lately.


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