Lions and Tigers and BEARS!!! Oh My…

Look out for a sleepy bear in Westboro
Last updated Jun 13 2006 01:59 PM EDT
CBC News
Residents of Ottawa’s Westboro neighbourhood should keep an eye out for a dozy young bear.
The black bear cub kept police and conservation officers busy for more than three hours on Tuesday morning.
It was finally hit by a tranquilizer dart just before 9 a.m. in the backyard of a house on quiet, leafy Denbury Avenue. But, before the tranquilizer could take effect, the cub bolted, and has not been found.
Police and the Natonal Capital Commission stopped looking for the cub at 9:30 a.m, according to NCC spokeswoman Marie-Ève Létourneau.
The NCC is called in when wildlife strays into the city because its conservation officers are trained to use tranquilizer guns, and have experience with wildlife in the Gatineau Park.
Létourneau said the cub weighed about 150 pounds, and was about a year old.
Police notified local schools and community centres about the animal’s presence.
If you should see a sleepy bear, you can call the NCC at 239-5353, or the Ottawa Police Service at 230-6211.

Some of you may know about my bear phobia. Ever since I was a kid I have been terrified of bears. Why? It’s not like I have ever see one in person, or had a bad experience with one. In fact I love watching animal shows that feature bears in the wild. I am both fascinated and freaked out by them.
But get this; I used to have a re-occuring nightmare when I was a kid that had me coming face to face with a black bear in the middle of the street. I would wake up totally freaked out …this lasted until I was in my teens. I have no idea why I had these dreams, but the result has been this irrational fear that in the middle of the city I would be walking down the street and all of a sudden come face to face with a big bear.
I guess it’s not so irrational now after all.
I cannot even imagine what my reaction would have been if I had come upon that bear. I think I would have had a psychotic break.



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2 responses to “Lions and Tigers and BEARS!!! Oh My…


  2. hahahahaha! true, true
    I think I may need to buy some more.

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