Father’s Day

The weekend was busy but fun. We decided to go visit the parents on Saturday. My brother told me he would be at our place early, “so be ready” he said. I was up at 8am – got ready -dragged Sof off the couch where she was up till 3 or 4am watching the World Cup.
What I failed to realize was that to my brother early means when he decides to drag his arse out of bed and make his way over to my place. Saturday he decided early was around 10h45.
The day before Sof and I headed out to pick up a gift for Pops for Father’s Day. We considered clothes but honestly I cannot figure out men’s sizes. Women’s sizes are so simple…8 (which I don’t fit into), 10 (which I don’t fit into), 12 (which I …) anyways moving along – So we decided to pick him up something from HMV.
I wanted to get him a DVD, but I could just picture him, nose stuck to the screen, trying to figure out which buttons to push. He has enough trouble with the tv remote. And he doesn’t go near the computer. We ended up getting him a CD box set called The House that Trane Built. I had no idea how much he would love it.
We put the CD on before dinner and he sat there listening to it and was transported back to his youth for a bit. He got very emotional about it, remembering the guys he used to listen to and those he used to play with. Most of them are gone now – I think Br. AbdusSamad’s (Billy Robinson) death last year really hit him.
I listened to some of the music later on that night and I heard a song he used to sing to me when I was a kid – a jazz piece with a chorus in the middle “the creator has a master plan…” That was special for me – it reminded me of Daddy when he was young, back in the day. I forget sometimes how many childhood memories involve him – how larger than life he was to me growing up. Is every girls father their first love? Probably not – which means I’m weird.

Sunday I spent the day with the girls escaping frm the heat by spending money at the mall. Bad habit that. We shopped a bit for Tiidy’s wedding gift, a bit for our trip to Spain, a bit for no reason at all…

We all crashed back at the H house – watched World Cup, ate apple pie and whined about how the weekends were not long enough. We have plans this summer for a mass sick call…That’s when we all call in sick on the same day and escape to the park with books, food and spend the day doing nothing at all.

I was going to try an post some pics, but besides being horrible pictures ( Sof had her inept hands on the camera), blogger is giving me a hard time uploading them.
We’ll see how it goes later. I think she may have managed to take a couple of normal looking pics of the kids.



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8 responses to “Father’s Day

  1. Hey Iris Blue
    I wish I could have been with you girls shopping…I was out at the mall today myself, trying to buy some clothing for when I start my corporate job next week. Anyway I miss you and I miss having friends lol!
    About a father being a girls first love, I think it is true. My first three loves (that occured simultaneously) were my oldest bro Jeremy, my uncle ‘Gibou’ and he of the fiery beard (though it had yet to be ignited back in the day). So basically, apart from showing how fickle I am, fathers and daughters will always be special to each other.
    Love to you! and to Sof…xox

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  3. hrmph..did you even miss me at all while you were out frolicking?

    btw, inshallah i’ll be back in ottawa this week for a couple of days ๐Ÿ™‚ YIPEE!!!

  4. i miss having cool friends to go shopping with too ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  5. btw, i love your anecdote about your dad when you were growing up ๐Ÿ™‚ very cute. i bet you were exactly like hasanah when you were her age.

  6. I was nothing like Hasana …Our personalities are completely different.
    And I was way cuter
    We miss you Nadu – I can’t wait to see you this week.
    We are off to TO on the weekend so let me know when you are here

  7. i loved our discussion tonight! it’s always so good to talk to you, mashallah.. what “The House that Trane Built” meant to your dad is part of the culture i was talking about.. why do people want to ignore or dismiss its existence?

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