It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to write.  I’ve missed my little blog. 

 Life has been busy as usual with the mundane things that tend to steal your time.  Nothing too exciting has been going on.  the weather has been crazy hot here – I look at it as prep for Spain. 

As usual work has been slowly driving me insane.  I have a new appreciation for Sartre’s comment, ‘Hell is other people’.  I keep trying to remind myself that I have one more year to go before I can leave.  Once I’m finished school I can cut back to part time or look for something else.  It’s hard to be grateful sometimes when all you want to do is bang your head against the nearest wall as hard as you can.  I’m gearing up for another school year too, which is going to be nuts.  I’m taking a full course load and I can’t drop any courses if I want to graduate on time.  On top of that I will be doing my undergrad thesis.  It’s going to be pure hell I can just feel it.  At the end of it all I think I should treat myself to something ultra special.  I think maybe a nice well-deserved trip to somewhere like Paris.  Or maybe I’ll treat myself to a hot designer outfit – something from Missoni.  Yeah…that should keep me going for a while.

We deicded to go out for dinner tonight.  We went to a great restaurant in Chinatown and then walked around downtown for a couple of hours.  It was a beautiful night for roaming around – it’s been a while since I’e done that.  Everyone was out tonight enjoying the weather and the sights.  The city comes alive during the summer months so there is always plenty to see.  On our way to Second Cup for some coffee we ran into two ‘scurrry’ looking men bellowing at each other in the middle of the street.  They both had dogs with them and apparently one of them didn’t have his dog on a leash and it attacked the other guy’s dog.  When we walked by the guy, who looked like he had had a good bit to drink, grinned at us and said  “sorry for the language ladies but that guy doesn’t have a f-g leash on his dog!”  Who says chivalry is dead? 

Downtown we decided to walk up Sparks and I swear we came upon little Beirut.  Every two steps there was a different patio blaring arabic music.  Pimped out guys with bottles of gel in their hair stood around and stuck out their chests as we walked by.  The smell of cologne was wafting through the night air – enough to knock you out – maybe they use it istead of rohypnol…?  It was pretty funny. 

We hung out with the tourists for a while at the Parliament buildings watching a presentation on how Canada is a fantabulous country blah blah – we love everyone…makes you feel very patriotic until you remember that jackass Harper is our Prime Minister.  

Fer is back from Saudi finally.  After two years in that cesspool they finally realized they should come home before they all ended up in the insane asylum.  The kids look great.  They are all so big, it’s amazing how fast they grow.  They seem happy to be back and don’t seem to be too scarred from their experiences there.  Kids are resilient though – It’s usually the parents who end up needing to be medicated.  So they are looking for a place to live, for jobs, for furniture…starting over from scratch.  Very boho.  Very ‘Hideous Kinky’. (that’s a movie – get you heads out of the gutter…)  


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  1. LOL. that second last paragraph made me literally laugh out loud.

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