I’m Back!!

Got back yesterday after a hellish journey.  I had a big allergy atack on Wednesday which turned into a major headcold just as I was starting home.  I don’t know how many of you have ever travelled overseas while sick, but let me tell you it is a miserable experience.  The only good part of it was that I was so drugged up I dozed through most of it.

We flew around 6 hours from Gatwick airport to Halifax, had a one hour stop there to re-fuel and then about an hour and a half to Montreal.  Every tme we started our descent my head felt like it was going to explode and my ears started killing me.  My right ear has still not popped yet.  Its so wierd – I feel like I am underwater.

When we landed in Montreal we had to go through customs and for the first time ever I had someone search my luggage.  With all the hysteria surrounding airtravel these days your inclination anytime you are picked “randomly” for any type of search is to yell out “PROFILING!!!”, but hey, I could hardly stand upright so I couldn’t really give two craps…. search all you want.  After that we had an hour wait for our bus to arrive, then a two hour bus ride home.  By the time I got back I was very very pathetic.

Unfortuntaely that meant I couldn’t go to my brother’s nikah today.  While I was away. I got a message that my brother had decided to tie the knot today and I was expected to be there.  Only, this blessed event was taking place about 5 hours away.  So they expected me to arrive home from a transatlantic flight, get in a car and drive an hour to my parents house, spend the night and then leave after fajr to get to St. Catherines in time for this little shindig with my brothers new in-laws.  I would have loved to have been there, but dude…there was no way it was going to happen.

So I will have to rely on whatever pics they take and the tales my sister will tell me.  They promise to be hysterical.  My family is like a walking comedy of errors – seriously you have no idea.  I already got some feedback from my sister who called me in a panick asking me for conversation topics.  I told her “do what I do, talk about yourself.”.  Never fails, and I always stay interested it the conversation.

I will write later about my trip and try to get a couple of pics up.  I had a fun time.  We decided not to go to Spain for a number of reasons that were all minor, but added up to “screw it, we’ll go next year”. We hopped over to Ireland (got tickets for 5.00) so I go to see a bit of Dublin too.

More to come later!

It is really good to be home.



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6 responses to “I’m Back!!

  1. LOOLLLLOOOLLLL AT “I told her “do what I do, talk about yourself.”. Never fails, and I always stay interested it the conversation.”

    I’m so glad you are home safely mashallah. can’t wait to talk to you..we have SO much to talk about and i mean HELLA mucho.

    congrats on your bro’s nikkah. 🙂

  2. 🙂 I told her “do what I do, talk about yourself.”. Never fails, and I always stay interested it the conversation

    I think you have just answered the one question I couldn’t answer for myself: what’s the use of blogging

  3. Irisblue

    Did I help solve one of life’s big mysteries…? Glad I could be of help 😉
    Welcome back from your ‘time-off’!

  4. You’re back! I am so glad everything turned out alright and you are home safely. I am waiting for pics and stories about the wedding.
    Love you!

  5. Thank you, a warm welcome back for you too. Coincidence: we did visit Spain but we have the same relationship with Madrid probably. We almost made it this year, in fact we could see Madrid by night but alas we had to go back north.

  6. I promised myself I would do Spain justice soon! I decided to do Paris seperately too. And Morocco. Some places deserve special attention 🙂

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