Some Pics

Some pics from my trip…

 The Beach in Brighton.  Strange – instead of sand it is covered in small stones.  Very uncomfortable if you are not sitting in a chair.  While we were there the weather wasn’t nice enough to hang out there much but it had a great pier where you could people watch after a long arduous day of shopping.

 The closest we got to Spain was this restaurant.  They served a great paella – I apologised to the prawn before I ate him. 

 Enjoying a sit down in Camden Town.  A very colourful, fun place to shop.  You could get clothing inspired from everything like Goth to Asian to some type of Tibetan sherpa outfit there!  You could spend days wandering the different stalls without getting bored. 

Dublin.  Not much else to say. (didn’t see any leperchauns – it would have made it a little more amusing if I had…)

 We called this alleyway the ‘portal’.  It was sandwiched between the main road our hotel was on and one of the main shopping ways in Dublin (can’t remember the name, but not Grafton).  It was so incongruous!  You turn a corner and all of a sudden you are surrounded by immigrants, and store fronts with Chinese writing on them and a halal meat store (the kind with one bottle of mango juice and a leg of goat in the window).  It was a portal to another world!

 My time in Ireland.  Taking pics of myself in my hotel room. 



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4 responses to “Some Pics

  1. It looks wonderful! I especially love the pic of you and the shrimp, hehe
    Next time you and I have to go together…

  2. Msha Allah, it looks like you had a great trip!

  3. The trip was amazing…Next stop InshaAllah is a plan for California in December! (I might need a second job to pull that one off, but you never know…)

  4. WOOHOOO!!!! i’m so excited for the trip to Cali, inshallah 🙂

    i tried to comment earlier but dunno why my comment didn’t go through??? i also liked the photo of you and Mr. Shrimp before you ate him the best. *totally* your personality.

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