Fall happenings

School is back and I finally found a thesis supervisor. This year is going to be so busy ~ I’m taking four courses, my thesis and working full time.  I’m not going to kill myself though.  If I find that it’s too much I’ll drop a course.  I’m also stretching out the thesis so I have to finish by August instead of by the end of the school year.  That means of course that I can’t apply for grad school next year.  It’s disappointing but I can use the extra months to save some money I guess. 


So Yus had his walima on the weekend  in St.Catherines.  It was really nice, I had a good time watching the little wedding rituals done in the Sudanese culture.  They reminded me so much of Indo/Pak weddings.  I have to find out if there is any link between the two cultures.  Some of the things they were doing on the weekend were so like rituals I’ve seen at mehndis.

I would post some pics of the bride and my brother but my new sister in law would kill me.  You’ll have to content yourselves with pics of Niagra Falls and some people-less pics from the wedding.

 dscf0397.JPG  Rainbow over Niagra Falls.  It was so beautiful watching the neverending cascade of water.  I could have stayed there for hours.

dscf0396.JPG The top of the Falls right before the water pours over the edge.

dscf0327.JPG Wedding favours ~ the brown one was for married women and the other was for the single chicks.  I grabbed both to confuse the aunties…

dscf0294.JPG  Part of the ritual package.  A lot of red (no one seemed to know why), incense, turmeric, saffron, candles, milk, and lots of wooden beads. There was also some red string they tied around the wrists of the bride and groom.


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