Comment on the Papal Debacle

Why I love Tariq Ramadan is the way he extracts reason from unreasonably chaotic events.  He is always clearly and concisely on the side of rational thinking, self-reflection and true Islamic values.  He is a true asset to our ummah and anyone who has ever head him speak cannot doubt the love he has for Islam and each and every one of us.  As well, anyone who has read his books cannot for a minute doubt the incredible amount of effort and true deep thinking that has lead him to his conclusions.

The Pope and Islam: The True Debate , By Tariq Ramadan 

A few words spoken by Pope Benedict XVI were sufficient to touch off a firestorm of impassioned reaction.  Throughout the Muslim world, religious leaders, presidents, politicians and intellectuals joined their vices to protesting masses angered by a perceived “insult” to their faith.  Most did not read the Pope’s speech; others had relied on a sketchy summary according to which the Pope had linked Islam and violence.  But all railed against what they saw as an “intolerable offense.” Read More…





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