One Word

One word….Midterms



Now that I’ve gotten that out, on to better things.  So while I am supposed to be studying I have managed to become addicted to youtube.  Don’t know how it happened.  I mean procrastinate?  Me?

Oh look the ohone is ringing.

Oh. My. Gawd.  I just answered the phone “O-hospital Bonjour!”  Sooooo embarassing.  The lady was like..”umm who did I call?”

I have officially lost my mind.

I have been compiling my favourites list on youtube …much Cat Stevens.  Check this out

Brilliant.  I can’t wait to get his new album.  Oh and I made a new discovery too.  I found out who Dawud Wharnsby was.  I had no clue who this guy was.  For years I heard people chattering on about him and I always kind of nodded my head like I knew who he was.  No clue.  And for some strange reason I got it into my head that he was Black.  I swear I just discovered he was White a month ago.  Anyways I love his music -I am a bonafide fan. Wooot!

Today at work my TL told me I couldn’t have my religious holiday off becasue we are in Canada and I should get over it.  Now I’m not known for my calm nature and even though it is Ramadan, I almost kicked him in the shin.  My fast  immediately went out the window as I proceeded to call him ” f*** ignorant ” and to get out of my face.  I wanted to throw something at his head.  Who says stuff like that?  I went to my boss and she was ultra ‘sympathetic’, probably cause she’s scared I’ll take it to Labou Relations and get his ass in trouble.  But I think I’d rather get the day off, rub it in his face and make his life a living hell for the rest of the year.   Idiot.

Gotta go study.



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4 responses to “One Word

  1. Salaams Iris!
    Good luck with your midterms I will be thinking of you.
    I am waiting in eager anticipation for the next Yusuf Islam cd as well.
    When I was in Edmonton I went to a store called “The Children’s Place” because my cousin T had asked me to buy a shirt for her son. Cousin T had printed out exactly what she wanted from their website. When I brought it to the store clerk, she looked at me and said in a thick Russian accent:
    “The website is American. We are in Canada, so we may not have them”,
    I was thinking, yah, thanks for that tidbit of information, I wasn’t sure what country I am in. I guess you know better than I do since you are the more recent immigrant.
    Being the non-confrontational type, I didn’t say what I was thinking, but honestly! It is so very wonderful to see that ignorance is alive and well!

  2. oh my Lord. i can’t believe he said that to you. i say get his frikkin ass in trouble. what a jerk. that’s retarted. i just can’t believe that. i’m pissed now. you have to keep me updated with this.
    oh yah, i’m BA-A-ACK. yippee!

  3. …and, totally LOLLing at your “O-hospital bonjour”..but it’s not as bad as saying that in your prayer..tsk tsk.

  4. you’re so cute, Iris.. I just moused over mine and Sumayyah’s blog names on your blog roll below and love what you have written to describe both of us. hehehe. how are them papers/studies coming along?

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