psycho – neuro – immunology (all together now!…)

The misery of midterms:

Up till 5am studying – M&Ms – Red Bull – Carrot Cake – Chinese food

Trying to understand psychoneuroimmunology …

Watching Safiyah weep over Greek philosophy …literally

Large lattes with an extra shot of espresso please – yes I said an extra shot…mind your own business.


Cat Stevens

The dilemma of wanting to go to bed at 5am but fajr doesn’t come in till 6am.  Swearing you will just close your eyes for a few minutes – waking up 5 hours later.

Ignoring all phone calls – it seems like everyone wants to get a hold of you when you are studying .

Running over to the University to print stuff out cause you have no printer cause every flippin printer you’ve bought in the last 4 years has lasted about 4 months .

Cat Power

Stocking up on chocolate (research says it aids memory)


I lost 10 pounds this Ramadan – I am in the proces of gaining it all back.

But at least I’ll get straight As !

Side Note:

Ramadan is just about over.  My last du’as of the month will be that I am given another opportunity to redeem myself.  Next year will be better – if I get a next year.

Eid Mubarak to everyone.  And peace.  And love. 


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