Never too old to act the fool

Halloween and the freaks are out…not that they weren’t before

Sightings today:

An old man in a Jason mask wielding a plastic chainsaw.  He was waving it in people’s faces as he walked down the street.  At one point he stopped in front of the plate glass window of H and R Block where a little old lady was sitting inside, and started waving it furiously up and down, mimicking sawing motions.  I wasn’t sure which one was closer to having a stroke – him for exerting himself so much or her for being scared witless.   It was amusing…I mean he finally gets to live out his fantasy of being a serial killer.  In broad daylight.  And people thought it was..ummm cute.

On the bus a guy with long straggly hair gives me a grin as I sit down.  Because I’m trying to practice being approachable I half-smile back and then immediately regret it.  He turns in his seat so he is facing me and proceeds to grin at me the entire bus ride all the while looking me up and down.  Because I was sitting his eyes weren’t getting very far down – in fact they rested way too often where he wasn’t welcome.  (Ahhh …so that’s where the long hijab comes in handy!!!).  Did I mention he was wearing a long flowy black cape?  All the way to his feet.  Very creepy.  This is why I do not make eye contact with people on the bus, or anywhere.  Forget approachable- I don’t think it’s for me.

But I need someone to answer me why it is considered completely normal for a grown-ass person to dress up like something the earth hurled out of its bowels, yet Muslim women are constantly harangued for wearing too many clothes.

The next person who comments on hijab or jilbab or niqab, I’m going to start stripping.  Seriously you want me to look like you?  Fine, tell me how many clothes I need to take off till you’re satisfied!  That’ll freak them out.  Or maybe not.  People are sick today.  Maybe I should just smack them.



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3 responses to “Never too old to act the fool

  1. LOL! Perhaps we need, “7 Habits of Approachable Muslimahs”!

  2. Indeed, Ottawa has good writers, a nice piece. And of course, dressing up as a serial killer is much less scary then dressing up as a muslima 😉

    And about that stripping…don’t know about that: you might get arrested for that and what headline will that be?

    Nice job by the way with the website, it looks more ehh ‘Approachable’ then before.

  3. LoL…
    Thanks for the feedback on the new look. For now I think I’ll restrict my attempts at being approachable to the blogosphere!

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