Cosmic Puppetry

It never ceases to amaze me how people go through life unaware of the impact they have on other people.  

Last night we went to see Babel – the movie just released by Alejandro González Iñárritu. A Brilliant director who captures human emotion at its rawest.  I loved his movie 21 Grams and I loved Babel.  The movie is about the interconnectedness and disconnectedness of human beings – how we impact each other’s lives, and how disconnected we are from each other, even those closest to us.  

I believe in the strength of the wings of a butterfly…and in the 6 degrees of separation…we are all tied together by some cosmic string and the vibrations of that string echo through all our lives.


It brought it home on a personal level tonight as I was talking to a friend of mine who called me sad, and depressed.  She is dealing with the break-up of her marriage, 2 small shildren and a host of financial problems that have now been compounded by the fact that someone decided to steal her car.

She had a little second hand white Neon, nothing special – but it was the first car she owned all by herself.  A couple of weeks ago some guys decided that they were going to take her car – the car that she worked long hours to pay cash for – and go for a joyride.  They ran it up and down the streets and finally crashed it into a creek and left it there.  

Her insurance company provided her with a rental for a week, but would not cover the entire cost of it, and also made her pay the insurance on it.  The garage she took her car to is telling her that she should scrap the car because it is worthless now.  She is in no way able to afford  a new car anytime soon and winter is approaching fast.

She is left now with no way to get her kids around town, is walking to work in the rain and holding a hefty bill from her rental car company.

Because she has to pay the car bill, she doesn’t have enough to cover her mortgage this month.  

Needless to say she also can’t afford much in the way of groceries or other incidentals that come along with being a single parent of two children.


I wonder if the guys who took her car realize that because of them, my friend may lose her house, cannot feed her kids and is left without any means of transportation.


I wonder would they care?


And I wonder at people who steal…people who take what belongs to others just because they feel like it.  I wonder if they have spared a single thought to the woman who is sitting at home in tears wondering what her next move should be.  With that one move they managed to break down the confidence she had built up in herself  – that she could make it on her own.

Sometimes all it takes is one thing to pull down your fragile house of cards.


Interconnectedness.  All of us dancing on a string, pulling each other in different directions.  Behind closed doors people’s hearts are breaking and their lives are coming apart.


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