Racism, Arrogance And A Washed Up Career Make A Nasty Combo

Say it ain’t  so Michael!

I finally saw the tape everyone is on about  of Michael Richards spewing racist garbage at some guys who were heckling him during one of his performances.

There are mixed reactions to the whole thing- some people are horrified and pissed and disgusted –  common reactions you usually have to something like this.

Others see it as ridiculous and funny to see washed up Richards lose his cool and expose himself like that.

I’m not sure what I think.  And I wonder why I am not apalled and furious like I feel I should be?  I was surprised at what an ass he was, but I mean a lot of comedians say some pretty bigoted, disgusting things – I think he just stripped it of its veneer. 

Personally I don’t like going to comedy clubs because they always look for some poor sap from the audience to pick on and I’m always terrified that it will be me 🙂   There are some comedians who make a living calling out people based on race, ethnicity, religion, etc…  Sometimes I think it’s funny, (usually not) if it’s not me they are picking on and if they don’t cross the line.  But then that line is subjective right…?  I mean I find Borat to be offensive to any sense of good taste the good Lord gave us, but some see him as a freakin social commentator…whatever.

Watching the tape the one thing that stood out for me was  his overwhelming  arrogance.  I mean it was palpable…arrogance like that is usually reserved for dictators or sociopaths.

I think that was what was mostly at play here.  I don’t think it was so much that he hates black people as he hates all people …he came off a being one of those very arrogant, self absorbed people, who drink too much and blame everyone else for why their lives suck. There is definitley some sort of pathology there – more than just racism. 

He lashed out because he felt entitled and hit below the belt because he didn’t care.    His apology was weird – The Rage…Katrina…he’s fiery, passionate, confronting his anger and guys…he tried to ju-jitsu his rage!!!   Seriously …crazy for days.  His therapist bills are going waaaay up!    I wonder if Jerry Seinfeld defended Mel Gibson? 

Regardless he’s a loser who will probably drink himself or snort himself to death…What I found most interesting was the reaction of the crowd.  People got up and started leaving….not saying anything but just making the choice to not participate in his sham of a routine.

For every asshole there are two people who keep hope alive that one day we will be beyond all this.

Watching Seinfeld will never be the same after this.


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One response to “Racism, Arrogance And A Washed Up Career Make A Nasty Combo

  1. Iris:
    I didn’t see him in action at the comedy club, but I did see his apology…one thing that stood out in my mind is that he seemed arrogant even when he was “apologizing”. He just seems nuts in general, washed up, old, and a loser…
    Needless to say I won’t be watching the show anymore!

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