Movie Night

Dreamgirls Trailer 


We went to see Dreamgirls tonight.  I decided to go and see whether Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy deserved the kudos they’re getting for their performances. I loved it! The music was so much fun and the acting was good. Jennifer Hudson was very good in the role of Effie – I can see why she was nominated. I think that it was not so much for the bare acting but the fact that when she sings she emotes like nobody’s business. There is one scene where she sings that leaves you breathless – it was so beautiful and powerful. At the same time though it’s different than a speaking part. I’m not trying to detract from her performance at all – it’s just that I think music has an impact that mere spoken words can not always convey.  And the way this girl sings has major impact. I mean she can sing! It’s crazy.

Eddie Murphy was fun to watch – his character wasn’t as developed as I would have liked it to be although he did a good job with it. Was it worthy of a nomination?  You have to make up your own mind about that.  I kept waiting for that blowout scene from him that would leave you saying “nomination!”, but I felt like the writers and director always brought you to the edge but never actually went there with him. I definitely think he was up for the challenge though. The last scene of him onstage is great. 

All in all I really enjoyed the movie …I’m telling everyone to see it. It’s nice to see a movie with strong Black characters and good music that you can actually watch with your parents! And to have it recognized by people is amazing. You leave with a smile on your face and it doesn’t depress you like bloody Children of Men did. I wanted to slit my wrists after that movie. (I’m not saying it was bad – it’s just depressing as hell)

We’re going to go see Stomp the Yard on Saturday. I saw the preview for it tonight. It’s one of those “I just want to dance!” movies…no storyline, great music and some seriously hot guys. And they step dance. I think I may buy this one. Seriously. 

Sidney Sheldon died!  Rage of Angels …what a great book.  It brings me back to my teens.  My brothers and I loved his books.  If Tomorrow Comes…

You have not read if you haven’t read a Sidney Sheldon book.

Pick one up today.  Windmills of the Gods…


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