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Kite Runner

I am in the middle of reading the Kite Runner and I’m having a difficult time with it.  I love the book, it is well written describing the emotional and psychological struggles of the main character and paints an interesting picture of Afghanistan before and after the wars that all but decimated the country.  My difficulty lies not in the portrait of a country in shambles but in the paedophilia that lingers through the book like a bad stench.  At the end of chapter 20 I had to put the book down after a description of an orphanage where the children are sold to men for a few dollars and the insinuations about the fate of one of the children in the story.   It is so disturbing and  I think all the more because it is so well written.  I have to wait for a bit until I can read on. 

Saf got held up in Toronto – she’s chilling with some friends until a ticket mix-up gets fixed.

A crazy story by Jill over at Feministe … there is still a part of me that is shocked when I see this type of thing occurring but I shouldn’t be.   I’d like to staple this to the forehead of some people I know who think feminists are bitching about nothing, and those who think that misogyny is the domain of the poor, the uneducated and the Muslims.  To all those complacent, smug individuals who think sexism is dead …read on. 



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The last couple of days have been very hectic.  Trying to make sure everything was done before Saf left – we dealt with things up until the last moment in typical fashion.  Finally we get to the airport and relax for a bit – We were sitting in the airport chatting when Jaz looks at the clock and says “you have 10 minutes till you board … you do realize that don’t you?  God, I hope she’s not like me.  I missed my flight home for London once because I was shoe shopping.  That can cause some big problems, BUT the shoes did last me for a while so it was worth it 🙂 

So quick hugs , waving goodye and off she goes. 

So here I am alone for the first time in years.  I have this strange feeling some little urchin is going to knock on my door needing a place to lay their head.    It wouldn’t be the first time – So I won’t get too excited about having the place to myself just yet.  I am going to miss my sister though.  We’ve become so close over the last few years … maybe too close?We”ve developed a tendency to finish each others sentences which freaks us and the people around us out. 

It’s going to take some time to get used to not having her here.   I do have lots of little pet projects that I want to focus on and some bigger plans that I need to get moving on so I’ll have plenty of distractions.  But tomorrow will come soon enough.


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1:24 am

Sitting here watching reruns of Girlfriends when I should be studying…I never learn 😦

Saf leaves on Thursday for South Korea. (Sniff, Sniff…).  We spent the whole day shopping for little items that totaled up to a LOT of money, and came home and packed everything.  It’s going to be so strange without her here.  We’re so close- we do everything together and now I’m going to be all by my lonesome!  Okay so maybe that’s not going to be such a bad thing – I actually love living on my own.  I remember once my roomate went away for the summer and I actually forbade any of my friends from trying to contact me for a whole month…I spent it all by myself and I was happy as a clam. (what exactly does that expression mean?).  I’ve always cherished my alone time – it’ll also give me space to concentrate on school. 

I’ve been working my topic over with my supervisor and it looks like we are now going to be working on a trust experiment between anglo and muslim participants.  We’re trying to work in the  hijab and niqab as visual cues to measuring levels of trust and compliance between participants when they are forced to work together on a common task.  The niqab issue is pretty timely so that makes it exciting.  I find social influence and intergroup relationships a really interesting area of study – the process of automatic categorization and its implications for society is fascinating.  Anyways it should be an interesting summer as we get ready to finally run the experiment.

Zaytunas’ Seasons has a new journal out  – Seasons

Mana is still amazing even though I can’t understand more than a word or two – Mana

I finally am reading this book : The Kite Runner


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