1:24 am

Sitting here watching reruns of Girlfriends when I should be studying…I never learn 😦

Saf leaves on Thursday for South Korea. (Sniff, Sniff…).  We spent the whole day shopping for little items that totaled up to a LOT of money, and came home and packed everything.  It’s going to be so strange without her here.  We’re so close- we do everything together and now I’m going to be all by my lonesome!  Okay so maybe that’s not going to be such a bad thing – I actually love living on my own.  I remember once my roomate went away for the summer and I actually forbade any of my friends from trying to contact me for a whole month…I spent it all by myself and I was happy as a clam. (what exactly does that expression mean?).  I’ve always cherished my alone time – it’ll also give me space to concentrate on school. 

I’ve been working my topic over with my supervisor and it looks like we are now going to be working on a trust experiment between anglo and muslim participants.  We’re trying to work in the  hijab and niqab as visual cues to measuring levels of trust and compliance between participants when they are forced to work together on a common task.  The niqab issue is pretty timely so that makes it exciting.  I find social influence and intergroup relationships a really interesting area of study – the process of automatic categorization and its implications for society is fascinating.  Anyways it should be an interesting summer as we get ready to finally run the experiment.

Zaytunas’ Seasons has a new journal out  – Seasons

Mana is still amazing even though I can’t understand more than a word or two – Mana

I finally am reading this book : The Kite Runner



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2 responses to “1:24 am

  1. Sounds interesting what you want to do. I’m working on a chapter for a book about muslim/non-muslim in Europe and their relationships. It has probably some connections with your plans. It’s not finished yet because I’m working on it while I should be working on my Ph.D (yes never learn…).

    By the way did you like the Kiterunner? I thought it was one of the best books I ever read.

  2. The book you’re working on sounds interesting – it would be interesting to do a comparison of the relationships between Europeans and Muslims and Canadaians and Muslims. We always assume that there are major differences…I wonder if it is true?
    I am loving the Kiterunner! I agree with you, it is one of the best books I’ve read in a while. The next one I want to read is ‘Suite Francaise’ – I’ve heard it is very good but I’m waiting till the price goes down from 30.00$ ! 🙂

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