The last couple of days have been very hectic.  Trying to make sure everything was done before Saf left – we dealt with things up until the last moment in typical fashion.  Finally we get to the airport and relax for a bit – We were sitting in the airport chatting when Jaz looks at the clock and says “you have 10 minutes till you board … you do realize that don’t you?  God, I hope she’s not like me.  I missed my flight home for London once because I was shoe shopping.  That can cause some big problems, BUT the shoes did last me for a while so it was worth it 🙂 

So quick hugs , waving goodye and off she goes. 

So here I am alone for the first time in years.  I have this strange feeling some little urchin is going to knock on my door needing a place to lay their head.    It wouldn’t be the first time – So I won’t get too excited about having the place to myself just yet.  I am going to miss my sister though.  We’ve become so close over the last few years … maybe too close?We”ve developed a tendency to finish each others sentences which freaks us and the people around us out. 

It’s going to take some time to get used to not having her here.   I do have lots of little pet projects that I want to focus on and some bigger plans that I need to get moving on so I’ll have plenty of distractions.  But tomorrow will come soon enough.



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2 responses to “Byeee!

  1. saf

    i love how you pick the picture where i look the worst and you look the best.

  2. are you in the picture? i hadn’t noticed….

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