Kite Runner

I am in the middle of reading the Kite Runner and I’m having a difficult time with it.  I love the book, it is well written describing the emotional and psychological struggles of the main character and paints an interesting picture of Afghanistan before and after the wars that all but decimated the country.  My difficulty lies not in the portrait of a country in shambles but in the paedophilia that lingers through the book like a bad stench.  At the end of chapter 20 I had to put the book down after a description of an orphanage where the children are sold to men for a few dollars and the insinuations about the fate of one of the children in the story.   It is so disturbing and  I think all the more because it is so well written.  I have to wait for a bit until I can read on. 

Saf got held up in Toronto – she’s chilling with some friends until a ticket mix-up gets fixed.

A crazy story by Jill over at Feministe … there is still a part of me that is shocked when I see this type of thing occurring but I shouldn’t be.   I’d like to staple this to the forehead of some people I know who think feminists are bitching about nothing, and those who think that misogyny is the domain of the poor, the uneducated and the Muslims.  To all those complacent, smug individuals who think sexism is dead …read on. 



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5 responses to “Kite Runner

  1. Salaam Iris
    Yes, the underlying paedophilia is quite horrid to think of, but there are disgusting people everywhere who are ready to take advantage a given situation at a given time. That is one of the many disturbing aspects of war, an entire country can become lawless and in complete chaos, we only need to turn on the television to see that…
    So Saf is held up, I hope she isn’t too stressed, I was thinking about her and what an adventure! She promised she would start blogging when she gets there…can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. Yes, seldom read a book that disturbed me so much.

    Saf…is that by any chance the same saf from ‘Safiyyah’ and her weblog

  3. Sumayyah: Wasalaam to you 🙂
    Rape has always been used as a weapon of terror – it is just so disturbing to see it being used against children…I can hardly follow the news when I hear something like this so reading a book like this has been really hard.
    Poor little Saf! What a litle adventure she’s been through and it’s not over yet! We’ll talk…

    Martijn: Nobody warned me about the book at all – the story is making me incredibly sad. I guess it is a credit to the author that his book has affected my heart and mind so much …?
    Saf is not the ‘Saf ‘ you are thinking of 🙂 The Saf of the weblog I don’t know but read often – the Safiyah I talk about is my sister who does not blog (although we have high hopes for her once she finally gets to Korea!)

  4. Well if it was the same Saf, the world would really be small 🙂

    Of course, nobody should warn you. When the book hits you in the face (and heart and mind), it must be good although its contents might be disturbing (and I agree it is). It means above all that someone has affected you just with simple words. And writing words is not difficult, but putting that kind of magic in it, that’s art. I think.

  5. You’re right – it is rare that someone manages to capture you with their words …so much that you are forced to keep reading even though part of you doesn’t want to.
    I’ll let you know my final thoughts when I finish it 🙂

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