Tonight I was reminded.

I can’t even express how it made me feel.

Written down, was a stark condemnation of my actions, and the ease with which I forget the favours bestowed on me. 

Tears of shame but also of gratitude – to be so blessed again that I am reminded and not left to wander heedlessly.



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  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself, now!! You know, in Arabic, “mankind” and the verb, “to forget” come from the same verbal root: نسى

    So, as some scholars would argue [and I’d have to toss in my two cents with them as well!] that it is mankind’s nature to forget and Allah knows this [“…And He (or he) is a witness to it…” Qur’an 100:6-7]. So smile! You’re human!

  2. You’re right – Allah would not be Al-Ghafur if we were not made to be those who repent.
    It just hit me right where I needed it to. So thank you for that 🙂

  3. Iris,

    Though a little hard, it feels good have those “veils” lifted.

    Marc…that was a wonderful reminder as well.

  4.!!!- good to see you back:)
    I feel surrounded by good people in a virtual kind of way!
    You know it was hard and I cried because I needed to and then I felt happiness.
    The true sadness would be if you ever stop being reminded, God forbid.

  5. Thanks, all. I am glad you found something in it.


  6. wow. your post hit me hard and reminded me of so many things i keep forgetting along my path..

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