Tulips and Sunshine

Now that the nice weather is here we are taking as much advantage as possible!  The Tulip Fest is in town and even though I’ve been living here for about 12 years I’ve never been.  There wasn’t much to see as it was just the first weekend but I think they have concerts or something happening soon.

 Tulip Fest 2007 

It’s Safiyah’s birthday today!!!  She is a whole lotta 23 🙂 Her birthday is always soured a bit for me because it reminds me that in about a month I will be turning 33 …

Looking at us you’d never think we were ten years apart…right? It’s okay you can lie to me if you have to!  We are planning a big birthday barbeque on Sunday to celebrate her birthday, Elisa’s on the 15th and Ilyas’s on the 16th (he’s going to be 2!!! – Saf and I feel so bad because we thought he was turning three and we kept making fun of him because he was so small and said teese-teese instead of cheese.)

 And we might as well throw in a celebratory hoot for Norwegian Independance Day too..I think it’s on the 17th 🙂

Here are some more pics of us last weekend  ….

                       Giant Spider at the National Gallery             View of the city from behind the art gallery


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  1. i miss all of you.. and love you too.. XOXOX

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