Muslim.Christian.Muslim.Christian.Muslim.Christian.Muslim.Christian (I’m getting a headache!)

Read this article! 

I found it so interesting to see someone who has a deep love for God trying to reconcile 2 beliefs that are always seen as complete opposites.

Her beliefs about Christianity may put her outside the sphere for most Christians, as she does not believe in the divinity of Jesus.  It seems that her Christianity lies more in the love for who Jesus was and the example that he left behind for people to follow.  As for being Muslim, she is making slow progress to knowing the prophet Muhammad (saw), she says.  Hopefully she will realize that he finalized the messages of all the prophets and embodied all of them and more.  A big caution is that sometimes believing in everything can lead you to believe in nothing.  If this is a growth process then grow on, but don’t choose a bi-polar way of life. 

I was kind of surprised by the responses to this story – some people seemed so upset about this, as if she was preaching to people that this was the way to practice as opposed to just relating her story. You cannot judge people, or their intentions and not everything has to be a socio-political commentary . 

Not any one of us “owns” our religion – people are welcomed to take what they want and let God be the judge.  God protects His religion and the story of one poor ladies’ search will not derail thousands of years of practice.   

In a prefect world we would have all the answers, no confusion or misunderstandings …we would never feel torn, never make mistakes, never doubt.  Instead we live in a world where we can sometimes be holding onto faith by the weakest of strings.  We try to understand, try to reconcile, try to make our puzzle pieces fit – sometimes we luck out and the status quo is maintained and everyone is satisfied, other times we shake people out of their comfort zone and bear the brunt of their critiscisms.

I am not an expert on Christian theology or Islamic aqidah, but I’m sure there are plenty of people out there willing to give their “expert” opinions on her life choices.  I for one choose to remain in awe at the struggle of the human spirit to find the “Truth”.  

Is Allah pleased or angry with her?  Is he more pleased with her search and her doubts than others self-righteous, empty certainty?  In her quest are her prayers more sincere than mine?  

Some think she is a charlatan – I don’t know her and I don’t care. What  do care about is that she eventually gets where she is going.  There is nothing sadder than a person who remains in a constant state of flux.  It is a hard road to travel and I really must be so grateful than with all my own personal struggles, this is one that is not mine. 


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  1. safiyah

    Amen sister. I mean Amin.

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