When it’s hot outside I cool down by eating ice cream


  I’ve got to get myself another fan- it has been so hot around here- it was hard to sleep today.  I’ve working nights for the last little while so sleeping during the day is a leeetle important!  The other day I fell asleep with the fan pointing directly away from me and I woke up feeling like I’d been smothered. 

It’s always a surreal kind of experience to work a string of overnights.  You exist in this alternate universe really.  I make my way home, grungy and sleepy- and all around me there are people who are fresh and bright eyed….  I never know what day it is, and I don’t hear from most people because they’re afraid to call me lest they wake me while I sleep. Work is different as well.  A little slower pace, and a lot of people who are lonely and looking for some attention.

You feel for some of  them to a certain extent, but your real sympathy lies for those like the family who crowd in, only to be told that they have just lost their loved one to a sudden fatal cardiac arrest.  And the old man who mumbles and groans the night away , lost in the wilds of a mind being destroyed by Alzheimers. 

With Ramadan around the corner I’m a little nervous about doing 12 hour shifts…I’ve decided to switch most of my day shifts for nights because I don’t think I can handle a 12 hour day.  The work is so fast paced and draining when you’re not fasting I can’t imagine doing it without food.  I’m going to try and book some time off towards the end of the month as well so hopefully it’ll work out.

I’m going through the book ‘Lives of Man’ again and I love it.  It gives perspective to all the mad rush I’m surrounded by all the time.  

Speaking of perspective, I’ve got some time off coming up so I’m going to head home to see the parents. I haven’t seen my Pops in a while and I’ve been promising him a visit.  I can’t wait to see the kids too.  I get to hear all the funny stories, but it’ll be nice to actually SEE Ilyas run screaming at the sight of a butterfly 😉

School is just around the corner and I am very sad to say that I won’t be going back until next semester.  I can’t afford to go back in September – so I just have to concentrate on saving enough money for January.  Disappointing to be sure but a small setback.  I will still be doing research and experiments, just not officially.

The girls and I were considering going to ISNA in September but I think I may just stay in town and go see the Phantom of the Opera. I’ve never seen it but I owned the music when I was in highschool and know all the songs by heart.  My BIG excitement is La Traviata coming in March I think.  That is my all time favourite opera and I cannot wait to go!

It’s late though and between this, Flickr and Facebook I spend too much time on the computer 🙂   

Good Night.




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4 responses to “When it’s hot outside I cool down by eating ice cream

  1. As salaamu alaikum sis,

    So nice to get a word from you! I hope your work is rewarding. I know…Ramadan. For goodness sake, I have to prepare!

    It’s cool to know you are into Opera. I’ve never been to an Opera, but I plan to.

    Take it easy. May Allah make it all easy for you!

  2. Walaikum Salaam! I have to try to be more consistent I know:)
    My work is not necessarily rewarding – it’s more along the lines of forcing you to be grateful: you thank God for your health, your sanity every day !
    I adore opera …with my dad and 3 brothers sports were on almost 24/7 in my house. Sunday afternoons I claimed the tv for 4 hours of opera and it was sublime!
    Thank you for the love and suppport- I send love and du’a and positive energy to you!

  3. Salaams!

    Where are you hanging out these days? Philly is like a damned swamp! I had to do the MANA photo shoot Saturday and almost died [along with the subjects!!] in the basement on a very hot, muggy day.

    Ice cream, fan and a book sound like the way to go!


  4. Lol! Ottawa hasn’ t been that bad this year but we have had a couple of wet, humid, I can’t breathe right days.

    The 3 must haves for ‘too hot to move’ days…It’s the only way to go ! I’m off work till the 14th and I plan on stocking up on Haagen Daaz and getting some reading done 🙂

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