Just in case anyone cares…

Since I am officially off work till the 22nd I have been taking care of some important business.

1. Sleep.  This is a very important exercise because it takes sleep to look this good honey.  Trust me.  Without it I start looking like my passport picture. (and even the border guard did a double take on that one…)

2. Food.  Without it I get weepy, cranky and very annoying.  I also eat poorly when I’m working ( the 3pm chocolate jonesing is not healthy).  So I am focusing on eating properly, taking my time to cook with focus instead of just whipping stuff together.   I think I’m going to buy an indoor grill – I had some grilled salmon the other day and it was soooo good! 

3. Friends.  I don’t get to see them very much when I am working so I’ve been catching up with people.  I made contact with an old friend the other day…someone I was really close to in high school.  Facebook is really good for that- I am more in touch with people now than I ever was.  I kind of distanced myself from the community for a while too so it’s been nice to reconnect with old friends.  And to splurge a bit Jaz and I are going for massages and pedicures tomorrow…I cannot wait. I’m a total sucker for anything that involves people pampering me…I’m like a cat 🙂

We also decided to try for ISNA too.  We found some pretty good tickets online and when I saw the list of speakers I couldn’t resist.  I wish it was somewhere more interesting than Chicago though.  I also found out the date of my friend’s nikkah!!!  So as broke as I be,  I’m going to try to get down to California for that too.  Logically I should choose one trip and be happy but I want to do both.  If it comes down to it though Calfornia takes precedence of course.  But I want both – It’s like asking me to choose between cheesecake and chocolate cake?  I mean come on!

4. Family.  I leave for the homestead tomorrow.  My niece lost a tooth!  I’m going to put the pics up on flickr..she’s just perfect…I was talking to my brother today and I heard all this commotion in the background – apparently my nephew got caught covering his head in his Mom’s cream.  I don’t know why they act all surprised – that kid’s got some strange head fetish…he’s always trying to oil up his head with anything he can get his hands on.  He’s so funny ..the sun has turned him dark brown and his hair is blond.. He looks like an experiment gone wrong …

It’ll be nice to spend some time with my parents too – I haven’t seen my Dad in a while.

5. Painting.  I’m getting the itch again – I think I’ll break out the canvas tonight and see what I come up with. 

6.Reading. Right ow I’m finishing:

  1. Travels with Herodotus by Ryszard Kapuscinski
  2. The Narrative of Sojourner Truth
  3. A Voice of Her Own, by Marlene A. Schiwy
  4. The General in His Labyrinth, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  5. The Blind Beekeeper by Daniel Abdul Hayy Moore

I have a bad habit of reading a bunch of books at once but I try to change it up.  They are all very different so it makes it easy to keep them separated in my little head.  I am going to finish them before I start anything new though. 

7. Studies.  Thesis.  Ooooohhhh Thesis.  *@#** Thesis.  Nuff said.   I’m also taking a sunnipath course.  

So these are my plans…we’ll see how much I can accomplish – how much of my life I can retrieve for myself before I head back to work and disappear into a brutal fall schedule.



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