I am a good citizen – yes I am

I had an eventful night tonight…

I spent the evening at Del’s watching the Dixie Chicks ‘Shut up and Sing’ and left around 2h30 am to go home.  As we were turning onto my street we saw a cab pulled over and a bunch of guys running – when we looked more closely we realized there were 2 or 3 guys chasing down a cabbie.  I was like ‘what the hell?’ So we slowed down and I stuck my head out of the car and started yelling at them to break it up.  The guys backed off a bit and started yelling at us about how the cabbie wouldn’t let them in his cab or something and then the cabbie ran up to us and asked us to call the cops.  His head had a big knot on it and he had blood on his face.  I felt so bad for him- here he is at almost 3am in the middle of the street fighting with a bunch if drunk ass hoodlums.  Disgraceful.

Anyways  the hoodlums kept circling and because they were DRUNK, were too stupid to just move on and save us all 2 hours.  The cabbie started towards his car and they all rushed him again and he hit one of them with a bat or something – I don’t know where the hell he got it from. I was like “Where did that bat come from?  If they all start with weapons here I’m gone!”  So I’m yelling at them to stop it and separate and Del is OH MY GOD…USELESS!!!!!  Call 911 Del.  We had 2 (count ’em 2!!) cell phones in the car and this child is fumbling and hemming and oh where is it…I was like girl unless you feel like making a citizen’s arrest I suggest you dial 91-feakin1!

Meanwhile the guy the cabbie hit is bellowing in my face about how he got hit and I was his witness and I’m all like “Yes…now stop yelling at me and calm down.” 

Drunk boy: Ok I’m sorry, but you saw him right?  I was abused by him!  I’m calling the cops!

Me:  Ummm…yes. Yes. Call the cops…good idea kiddo.

Drunk boy’s friends took off…smart little shits.

Del is muttering in the background “I am so never dropping you off again”. 

So Del and I sat there in the car with drunk white boy on my side and busted up cabbie on Del’s side.  Drunk boy is wailing to the 911 operator about how he was attacked and I’m his witness.  I’m telling him to shut his hole before he wakes everyone up. Del is calming the cabbie who is now accusing us of calling the cops for drunk boy and not him…

Finally the cops arrive after theoretically speaking both Del and I are gutted in the street.  It took them forever.  Anyways to make a looong story short…they arrested drunk boy, took our statements, chatted with us a bit and told us we did good.

Del: So do we get a medal or something.


All I know is I better not have to go to court.



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9 responses to “I am a good citizen – yes I am

  1. sroc

    the type of laughter this story deserves totally changes depending on the races and funny accents of the people involved … wait, let me use my imagination. It’s better like this.

  2. ahhh… yes. imagine the cabbie. ok? now imagine the drunk boy… priceless.
    and then imagine me using my teacher voice on said drunk boy..Del was laughing – she said he was listening to me because I had my teacher voice going.

  3. Umm…, say what? First off, I used to be a cabbie so wondering where and how he got that bat is nothing out of the ordinary for me! And I used to deal with drunk knuckleheads all the time, though at 6’5″ and 270lbs., I seldom had any try to get frisky with me.

    Funny story…

  4. ha…he was trying to take care of his own but he wasn’t that big and he was a bit older – he needed a little rescuing i’m afraid.
    i can imagine you wouldn’t have had very many problems 🙂
    it is a dangerous job though. the cabbies don’t have anything protecting them from the passengers so they are fair game to anyone wanting to mess with them.

  5. It is a dangerous job and one that gets little respect. Many people feel they have the right to “bag” on cabbies because they perceive them to be a low-grade profession. I would not go back to doing that kind of work again but I am glad, in an odd way, that I had the opportunity to do it when I was younger. You really experience the slice of humanity in a way other jobs seldom allow. I was always amazed how perfect strangers would share their most intimate secrets [everything from cheating on their wives to depression to anything else you can imagine] – I often wished I could have put a couch in the back seat and opened up a mobile psyche unit!

  6. Huh…I work in a hospital and let me tell you I’ve never been in a place where hierarchy matters more. It’s ridiculous. I just really feel sorry for all the older cab drivers who have to put up with the weekend drinking crowd. There is nothing more obnoxious or dangerous than a bunch of drunk suburban kids after a night of partying downtown.

    I always heard that people open up to cabbies (and hairdressers) – I never really understood that…It’s not often that I get into conversations with either. Maybe because about 95% of cabbies in the city are Muslim and the first thing they start quizzing me on is “where you from?” It drives me crazy.

  7. Salaams Iris and Marc,

    It’s probably because (mostly) they know they’re unlikely to ever see you again. I remember in London during the 90s some cabbies trying to get me to agree with their racist ideas. It got to the point where I would say, ‘please just take me where I’m paying you to go. I don’t want to talk to you about your half-baked ideas’.

    It is a very dangerous job.

    Abdur Rahman

  8. Salaam AR! I don’t think I’d mind if it didn’t happen with such frequency…after the hundreth time you just want to start handing out mini-bios automatically to everyone you meet!
    I have met some really interesting people throughout the years – former university professors who now work night shifts to support their families because their degrees are not recognized by canada. So many of our cab drivers are highly educated and lived very good lives back in their home countries. I have a lot of respect for someone who can swallow their pride and do a job most consider to be ‘lowly’ when they were once at the top of the food chain.
    I took a mini cab a couple of times when I was in London and all I can really remember is they have no clue how to get anywhere! We had to give them directions and I didn’t live there so you can imagine how that went down 🙂

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