Wow…Don’t really know what else to say ?

Ok so when are they going to do away with these freakin pagents anyways?  I think as Miss South Carolina demonstrated NOW is the time!  These girls need to have their faces scrubbed clean of makeup and a good old fashioned edumacation given to them –

Watch here as she makes her momma proud:



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8 responses to “Wow…Don’t really know what else to say ?

  1. sroc

    where’s my credit? make it a good one

  2. Credit given to best sister in the world : Saffy from South Korea.
    She trolls the internet like no other and offers up gems like this!!!

  3. you sure? you don’t want me to talk about your stunning beauty…your nimble fingers as they tap away at your little vaio…your witty repartee?

  4. susu

    …what is she saying??? I watched it twice…not only is her answer complete nonsense, she doesn’t even speak English well. Wow

  5. hee…pretty sad. don’t they rehearse for these things…take a toastmasters course or something?

  6. sroc

    oh .. sorry i blacked out again (take your pick over the cause) anyhoo, to answer your question YES! and yes yes. But mostly the first one.

  7. sorry about the ‘traumatic’ email 🙂
    i’ll keep you posted though…

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