Ramadan Begins

Ramadan is here – I made it to another one!  I’m hoping I’ll benefit from it instead of just going through the motions.  I have a lot of things I want to try and accomplish this month – I’m exited to get it all going.  Even though I’m by myself again 😦  I find Ramadan can be very difficult when you are by yourself.  The worst for me is sahoor – I remember years ago I used to eat while listening to CBC overnight on the radio so I’d feel less disconnected.  I don’t know if it’ll be the same this year … I’m in a different, healthier frame of mind than I was back then so that is a good start I guess.  That’s the test – if I start tuning into CBC radio at 4h30 in the morning, I may need an intervention ! 

My schedule at work is hectic also so I’ll be breaking my fast like I did today – on the run…sipping coffee…running downstaris for maghrib…eating at my desk.  Fun times – but I have no real complaints.  When I was working with my JK class, I used to be there till 6pm sometimes, and back then iftar was at 4h30-5h00pm.  So I had to break my fast and then try to get someone to cover my classroom so I could find a corner to pray in.  It was so stressful.  Also running a classroom with 16 4 year olds all day was one of the most tiring things I have ever done.  So this job is a cakewalk compared to that.

I think about Saf all the way in Korea by herself, and I hope she is okay- I keep encouraging her to get in touch with people, to go to the mosque, but knowing her she’ll just keep putting it off.   Anyways I’ve done all I can – I sent her some expensive coffee and a book.  That should pull her through.  I hope 🙂

So enough of the internet now – I have to go make use of the free time I have.

Ramadan Mubarak everyone!  Make du’a for me, as I will for you.



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7 responses to “Ramadan Begins

  1. saf

    I will to go to the mosque, just wait, this weekend insha’Allah.
    although i am listening to a lot of CBC – i find it comforting though, feels like i’m at home.
    ps – you last two posts made me, respectively, jealous and teary.

  2. CBC is a life line – it must because we’ve been listening to As it Happens since we were in utero…
    Miss you!

  3. ramadan mubarak, my love.

  4. To you too…
    make du’a N – I’m in so much need

  5. you wouldn’t believe what happened to me yesterday morning as i was reading your blog, during sehri time, and sipping my tea… the time to stop eating came. i stopped drinking but kept reading.. then..then.. I TOOK A SIP… ARGGGHGHGHGH… all because i was engrossed in your blog!!! sigh.

    i ran away from your blog and thought i would post you a comment later on, but i forgot..

    actually, i got scared that i’d start eating when reading your blog again..

    thoughts of you seem to equate food, drink, eating… why do you think that is? 😉

    hyuk hyuk hyuk.

  6. ps. proof of this story is in the time stamp of my previous comment.. 8:29EST = 5:29PST (sehri time over here)

  7. lol…ur getting a little spacey in ur old age nadu! u should start taking ginko biloba….

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