Ramadan Day 4

Just came back from my brother M’s house.  He called me at work and told me he would pick me up so I could have iftar with him and my youngest brother.  It was nice – his wife had cooked a leg of lamb, which was amazing.  I don’t eat a lot of red meat (actually hardly ever), and I know, I know, I ‘ve been told that technically lamb is ‘white’ meat (?)…but whatever-  it looks red to me.  I think I’ve had my quota for the next 6 months though.  I am kind of a chicken and fish girl.  Anyways it was nice to spend time with the boys.  They seem to be hanging in there and keeping it real – we may head off to hear my brother H lead taraweeh next weekend.  He’s about 2 hours away – every Ramadan he goes away to lead the prayers so we only get to see him on Eid.  I haven’t heard him recite in ages and I don’t have a lot of free time this month, so I hope we get a chance to go.

Yesterday I had the girls over – I made them a moussaka.  First time effort which I think turned out okay.  No one called me violently ill the next day which was good.  Alhumdullilah, seriously Allah is merciful.  I had to go out yesterday to do groceries, go to the meat store and to return some equipment to my cable company.  Okay so I tried to get this done on day 2, – I showed up to the cable store and the girl brought up my account – when I handed her over what I thought was the pvr she looked at me all confused …”ummm, ma’am…you just gave me your dvd player”.  Fasting…fasting…not allowed to swear…

Forced smile “oh…ha…yes well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Sooooo….day 3 (prev post), called for another trek out to return the proper pvr box, remote, etc…. (NO MORE TV!! Woohoo …good riddance). Then on to the other shopping.  Took 4 buses in total, my physiotherapist is going to kill me for what I did to my shoulder, but it only took me an hour and a half!!!  Amazing.  I couldn’t believe how short a time it took.  Mercy. Straight from the Source of all Mercy.  I got home and managed to cook and clean in time for iftar and still have the energy to make intelligent conversation 🙂

We went to the mosque for taraweeh afterwards – I love going.  There is nothing like standing with everyone in salah.  We also called Saf on my brand spankin new phone card!  (I finally remembered to get one).

I worked a 12 hour day shift today – 7h30 to 7h30.  I was a little nervous because I know how tiring it can be when you are actually eating, but again the blessings of Ramadan…it went by so quickly and besides being sleepy all day it was pretty easy.  Quite a few of the docs are Muslim too so it was nice to have other people there who were on the same page as you.  My co-workers all feel the need to inform me that “God won’t care if you take a sip of water!”  I was like “Really?  Can I get this in writing?”

Another nurse was telling everyone ‘Ramadam’ is to commemorate when Mohammed (pbuh) took over Mecca and everyone ran around the big house seven times…

Me: Umm, no Kevin I don’t think so.

Him:  Yes it is!…

Me: No Kevin, really I don’t think so. 

Him: Yes…trust me it is…I googled it! 

Me: ah well then!

Another person comes rushing up to me: Ok…so there’s this lady who just came in and she got into a fight with someone and then passed out…can she have an IV if she’s fasting? 

Me: …Well first , that’ll teach her to get angry when she’s fasting, and second I’m no scholar but if she showed up at the hospital I think she wants to be treated…stop trying to be all PC…for the love of God if she wants fluids give them to her!”

I go to my happy place a lot when I’m at work.  In my happy place I am a princess and I wear a tiara and am graceful and lovely and at least 10 pounds lighter….

Off now to try and benefit from these nights of mercy.

Salaam Alaikum all….


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  1. what an awesome idea! i need to develop a happy place at work too..

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