Ramadan Day 11

So we’ve passed through the first ten days of Ramadan and I feel as though I want to backtrack a little and recapture some of the spent time.  I don’t feel as if I benefited enough.  I guess you can never really benefit enought though.  I have a little bit of time off right now so I am trying to make use of it wisely.  

Being alone has been difficult too.  I really do not like being alone during Ramadan and Eid.  I’ve tried it a numerous times and I always have the same reaction to it.  It makes such a big difference to me if I spend even 1/2 an hour with people.  I don’t know why…it’s frustrating really.  I feel like I should be strong enough in my faith to be alone and not get sad or lonely, but it is what it is.   

The imam for taraweeh at the mosque has been on this trip about people mashing their feet up against their neighbours feet when they pray.  He is so funny – he’s talked about it 3 or 4 times already.  He’s given us the fiqh of standing in salah, he’s talked about the sunnah, he’s implored us to stop being so rigid in our understanding (or lack thereof) of the hadith we read….My friend says she thinks people are challenging him on it and that’s why he keeps on about it.  So the other night he just flat out says “it’s bidah…don’t do it!”.  We have all kinds of people who pray at this mosque so I know some were silently cheering while others were fuming.  Fun times at the mosque. 

Anyways today I was supposed to go to the homestead but I am trying to recover from my night shifts and for some reason (could be the lack of food and sleep) it’s taking longer than usual.  So I stayed back and had a visit from a friend.  We had a nice visit – it’s a little wierd for me because usually when people would come over we would watch tv, talk, eat, etc….  This time there was no eating, no tv and we were like “ok….so what do we do now?”  Pretty funny.  We were going to go on a walk but then I was so tired and my allergies were so bad I probably would have fallen over after 5 steps and she fell asleep on the couch while I was talking to my parents so we just ended up staying in.  We found some quran on youtube and listened for a while.  We talked about her latest escapade in the world of on-line matchmaking services and then we picked up Thai food for iftar.  Then we watched a speech on halaltube – she fell asleep in the middle of it and then left about an hour ago (after I woke her up).  Now I’m getting ready to catch up on my sunnipath course and hoping that I don’t fall asleep.

Day 11 was woohoo…


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  1. saf

    he said it was bidah!!?? ha ha ha ha ha … is this the new imam? if so, seal of approval!

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