Eid Mubarak

Ramadan has left us for another year – who knows how many of us will be around next year to take advantage?  I hope everyone managed to get in time for some serious worship.  I still am recovering from the marathon that was the last week. A lot of us ended the month with a cold. It always starts out with on eperson who is snorking at eh back of the women’s section and by the end of Ramadan it moves up to the first rows and we all have it.

For the first time in a long while, time seemed to move very slowly this last week.  As if Allah was giving us more time to reach out to Him.  With every passing night I’d feel a sense of something precious slipping away.  I managed to get to Tarawih almost every night.  We also were there for most of the Tahajjud prayers.  They hold them at the mosque during Ramadan – those doing itikaf as well as the rest of us who come sleepwalking to the mosque at 3h45am were blessed to have a wonderful qari recite for us. The qiyam ul-layl was almost as packed as the Tarawih prayers this year.  Tonight I’m sitting here and I miss it already.   

 The dusty carpet, the fidgeting girl on one side of me, the peaceful lady on the other, the water-bottle lady at the back, the kids playing downstairs, the whispering of people’s duas, the silence of a congregation sitting in tashahud, the qari’s voice trembling as he recites, the old ladies on chairs, the heaving hearts, the up-lifted hands, the tears, the tears, the tears…for words my heart always understands when my ears don’t.   

I’m going to miss it all. 

Eid Mubarak my friends.


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