The Eagles are NOT a baseball team for all you plebs out there!!!

The plans for our next weekend south of the border are coming together.  Registration has been done, our hotel booked, and a car has been procured and we are all looking forward to getting out of town.  I love road trips and I love getting away from it all .  I love not having to check my email or my messages (not that I’m very good at checking my messages anyway), and I love pretending I have no responsibilities during the day beyond finding a really good place to eat. 

Booking a hotel was crazy – I was trying to get one in downtown Philly but the prices were insane.  I was quoted over 300 bucks a night and I almost had heart failure -I think the lady on the phone went partially deaf after she told me how much the rooms were.  Apparently there is some game going on that weekend or something.  I was like “Game, what game?”

Reservation lady: Well ma’am the Eagles are playing.

Me: What is that baseball?

Her: Ummm…no. (definite scorn in her voice) That would be football ma’am.

I think my eyes glazed over a bit…

Me: Okay so you’re telling me there are people out there who are spending over 300.00 a night to see a football game?

I think I committed some sort of blasphemy.  I may have to watch my back when I get there.  They don’t still tar and feather people do they?  Jazz was here listening to me and was thoroughly disgusted at my lack of football knowledge cause you know she is miss sporty sport.  What I don’t get is why people are paying that much when they know darn well they are going to be trashed within an hour of the game and not remember anything, least of all where they slept the night before.  But hey- obviously there is some mysterious ritual here I am missing the significance of,  so who I am to judge?

Anyways the reservation lady was like “Well you should see Boston when the Red Sox are playing…That’s a baseball team ma’am.”

And I was thinking “You know snarkiness really isn’t an attractive quality…”

So we ended up getting a hotel by the airport but at least we got one – apparently it’s a 15$ cab ride -but that depends on whether or not we get ripped off by the cabby she said.  Frig – these cabbies are going to do me in.  I am determined to get this system. The reservation lady told me to agree on a price before we get into the cab.  If you try to do that here you’ll end up with your tail on the street.   

Anywhooo it looks like it’s going to be fun…I need to do a little research on food, shopping, etc… all the good stuff.  And then there is the conference which promises to be interesting – There are people I can’t wait to see too.  InshaAllah it’ll be a good time.

And best news of all…Daddy is going to Hajj inshaAllah!!!!!!!!!  We are all so excited and happy for him.  I am going up to see the fam this weekend and I can’t wait to talk to him about it.  Knowing him, he is overwhelmed and feeling a hundred different things at once. 

So happy, hopeful, busy these days.


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