Sometimes swearing really loudly is the only thing that makes up for a stupid day

I am a klutz.

Kapital K.

I walk into walls, sinks (today), hook myself on poles, other people – the other day getting off the bus I hooked my earphone cord onto some kids knapsack and was dragged a few feet before I could untangle myself. 

I also do stupid things like put travel mugs in my bag when the mug is still half full of coffee.

Then I walk around looking like I peed my pants because I forgot the mug was in my bag, swung it around a few times, sat down and well….

Or I do fantasticly smart things like not close tupperwares all the way (today) and wonder why I smell yoghurt all the way home only to realize that’s because it’s all at the bottom of my bag  – baptising my new hardcover book and whatever else I had in there.

Let’s just say when I got home my little solitary plant (that I haven’t yet managed to kill off) was introduced to some words I don’t think he’s ever heard. 

 I’m going to be reduced to carrying a lunch box,  I can just feel it.



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6 responses to “Sometimes swearing really loudly is the only thing that makes up for a stupid day

  1. BismillaharRahmanirRahim

    as-salaamu ‘alaikum! What a day huh… ooof! InshaAllah, Nov 1 will be better for you, may Allah make it easy for you, amin.

  2. Amin.
    Tomorrow’s another day, as the saying goes!
    Walaikum Salaam.

  3. ok. can you please delete that last comment? finding someone else named saifuddin is so beautifully rare.. i didn’t believe it.

  4. hahaha…i can see you are just as smooth as ever!
    funny girl

  5. BismillaharRahmanirRahim

    as-salaamu ‘alaikum, did I miss something?

  6. you both have the same names – she tends to get over-excited about stuff like that… 😉

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