erasing negatives

I started to write this post about some things that make me crazy and upset me but I realized that no one cares and it will change nothing and who needs to read another blog full of negativity…?  So instead I’ll jot down some of the things that have made me happy in the past few days.   

The other day I baked my first loaf of bread while humming to the music of Smokey Robinson – Sunday is my day to listen to the good old stuff.

I went to the organic store and bought some quails – all I need to figure out now is how to cook them. 

I am reading the best book!  It’s called Animal,Vegetable,Miracle and I’m busy driving everyone nuts with my new obsession:  eating locally grown produce…hormone free meat, milk, etc…  I have good friends who put up with my descriptions of purple potatoes and white carrots.

A few of us had a meeting about future endeavours – discussed food banking, education, counselling…so much to think about. The main thing right now is to figure out who is doing what in the city and moving from there.  We also discussed future events to plan- I anticipate my biggest fight will be to not sell chips and soda to event-goers.  The last time I had to sell cakes to kids at a fundraiser I got into an altercation with the finance guy who couldn’t understand why I was telling the kids they had had enough and to save their money.  I think he wanted to throttle me.  It just felt so wrong!  Maybe I can get them to sell veggie sticks and apple juice.  Okay that’s a bit much even for me.  I just think we should offer healthy food to people instead of junk.  This is our community and we should start teaching our children to eat well and to respect their bodies.  So many people, adults and children have diabetes these days, and when they go to these events all that is offered is cakes and soda.  No wonder this is the first generation whose life expectancy is shorter than that of their parents. 

Just bought the book , In Praise of Slow – don’t know anything about it but it looks interesting. 

Just noting all the good things going on reduces my blood pressure and now I can go on with my day 🙂



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3 responses to “erasing negatives

  1. woah.. now you are okay with eating organic stuffs? remember the time you were telling me how there was no point since we inhale and are submerged in a gizzilion pollutants that are going to give us problems anyways? woohoo.. i see a miss granola bar in the making…

  2. susu

    So you like the book that I recommended, eh? I haven’t heard any credit being given to your Su and I am still waiting…lol
    Seriously I am glad to see you are looking at the positives, mashaallah. Everything is fine with me out here in BC, I see mountains everywhere I look and I am sure to give my salaams, because, as we know, the mountain is a Muslim and I know that he is my friend. I will send you a nice long email this weekend inshaallah, about all my Western tales and whatnot. Well I am off, I am heading out to the farmers market tomorrow AM.

  3. nayya: i will eat a little crow for you because i did give you a hard time 🙂 – actually i’ve always been interested in organics and health food… i just wanted to bug you 🙂
    i also hate fads and i find a lot of ppl follow fads without knowing what they are doing ( not you though as you are smarty smart smart and extremely un-fadlike). a little research has convinced me that it is more than organic food we should be focusing on – it is more about buying and eating food that is locally grown. also the term organic is used often but a lot of the times it doesn’t mean what people think it does.

    susu: yes i haven’t given you the praise you deserve! that book changed my life – so thank you thank you thank you!
    i actually found some great resources around the city here so i’m excited to try them out.
    please give my salaams to the mountain too 😉 – glad BC is treating you well so far…i can’t wait to hear all about it.

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