Weekend with the Babies :)

Oh my goodness.  I never thought going to work would be a break – but let me tell you when you have 4 kids milling around you for the weekend going in to work is a nice respite.  My niece is visiting me and I also had a good friend’s three kids here this weekend.  We had a lot of fun but they wear you out.  We did the museum, the baking of bread and cookies, the cooking dinner, the storytimes, the cuddling, all the fun stuff.  Then I packed them off home and collapsed on the couch.  Actually I did that before I sent them home.  The kids pretty much fended for themselves in the kitchen for supper.  I was like “eat what you want – just don’t hit each other and if your Moms ask if you had veggies say “yes” – just don’t tell them they were veggie chips.”

I had a wonderful weekend with them though.  Kids are so much fun to be around…they remind you of yourself when you were young.  Sometimes it’s heartbreaking to see them dealing with the same crazy old world you dealt with.  I’ve watched them all grow up , from chubby babies to pretty 12 year olds who whisper confidences in my ear about boys, friends, and Moms who just don’t understand.  Their ages span some years – my niece is six and full of innocent wonder at everything around her, and F’s kids are eight, ten and twelve.  I love them all so much and want so much for them and it’s difficult to see the world doesn’t really offer them anything better 20 years later.  If anything things are more complicated.  But at night when they are all lying there whispering their du’as you realize clearly that life is no more than a cycle and they are part of it.  Every child has their path to tread and all you can do is love them and teach them and pray that they remain as full of love and life as possible. 

My Lovelies!


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