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Bad Chinese, Good Italian

Went out tonight with a friend – ate really bad Chinese food.  And really bad Chinese food is unlike any other really bad food.  It’s really really really bad.  Should have gone for Thai instead.  To make up for it we went to an Italian dessert place and picked up some fabulous little tarts and some good coffee.  I gained 5 pounds from a tiny lemon tart, I just know it.  Oh well – more of me to love I guess.

We traded books tonight – and had some good conversation, mostly surrounding her wailing “why are men such jerks?”, and me nodding in sympathy.  The agonies of the mating process…but then I always think it’s nothing a good bit of haagen daaz can’t fix.  My friend is a little less shallow than me I guess.  But then she is a litte cracky – I mean his email was pretty normal, I don’t know where she got the stuff she was reading into it. Everyone knows men can be a little emotionally retarded – you just have to decide if you can live with whatever level they are at.  It’s like one of those scales…1= misfiring synapses but if I eat enough ice cream i can pretend you’re normal and 10= oh my god your parents are brother and sister aren’t they?

Poor little friend of mine.  And (drumroll please!) she is about to turn 30!!!  She was having a mild heart attack at the thought of being 30 and single.  I kept telling her it gets better after 30.  You’re older so you tend to forget all the stuff that was so important in your 20’s.  So if you want to marry a guy who is say a 5 on the scale of ER ( 5= were you shaken as an infant?), then go right ahead.  Some people call it settling , or you could call it an insurance policy.  Who the hell else is going to pick your arse up off the floor when you  fall going to the bathroom in the middle of the night? 

I kid of course.  I am way deeper than this.



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Does gravol come in red heart shapes?

Today I ate a handful of little red cinnamon hearts and then promptly puked.  After a night of insomnia, some crazy vertigo and a rolling stomach I decided to call it quits for the day at 11h30.   If I can’t keep the cinnamon hearts down and on Valentine’s Day at that, what is the use of it all?  So I came home, popped a gravol and slept like a baby.  I woke to U busting in the house all worried about me.  She almost gave me a heart attack.   Apparently I didn’t sound so hot when I left her a message this morning and when she couldn’t get ahold of me (thanks to the gravol) she decided I was comatose or dead or something.  I’m not the only crazy person around I see…. At least I know if I’m ever in danger of slipping into a coma she’s got a key and she knows how to use it.

We are trying to plan a getaway next month – trying to decide where to go.  I wanted to go visit N in California, but there is no way I can down there without going to LA to see the family.  Right now may not be the best time to go down there what with the situation being what it is- U wants to go to Cuba and sit on the beach all day, which I am totally down with.  We’ll see what happens.  All I know is I need some peace and some sun.  

Valentine’s Day means “meh” to me, except an excuse for the above mentioned cinnamon hearts, but in honour of it (belatedly as it’s after midnight) I’ll post one of my favourite songs….

(I tried finding a version done by Sarah Vaughan that would embed but no luck – you’ll have to make do with Chaka) 

And here are a  few pictures of my loves:

my-little-loves.jpg                    yaqooby-chillin-in-the-pool.jpg

 Close-up of the newest member of the group!


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