Ahhhh Shit

Today the cops finally tracked me down and served me with a subpoena.  I’ve ben avoiding them for a month.  Then today they sent a uniform to the house and I forgot I had put some zit blaster on my face in a strategic pattern to combat the uglies and good thing it wasn’t a cute cop or my life would really suck.  So much for being a good citizen – I know have to go to court to point out the little shit that caused all this mess.  And this time he will not be drunk and i’m sure will remember my face and one day I shall run into him downtown and he’ll mug me just for the hell of it.




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6 responses to “Ahhhh Shit

  1. susu

    Sorry to hear about your predicament but seriously you are the funniest writer I know!! OMG, you are a super writer, seriously, you’re funny in person too, but yeah, I’m laughing
    ***strategic pattern to combat the uglies*** OMG I’m dying of laughter….

  2. susu

    Geez, I’m such a lame commentator…

  3. okay seriously if you need something you can just ask…no need to butter me up.
    omg su you should see the f-ing mess i’m in with the paint job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am a straight up basket case- no joke.
    who ever knew the colour espresso would make me suicidal?

  4. susu

    LOL, I just read it. I don’t even know what to say…

  5. After this I can’t even begin to contemplate the other rooms in the house !

  6. susu

    Oh dear…don’t you have any friends with good color/decorating sense close by? Don’t let this ruin your vacation dearie!

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