I took the eleven year old out yesterday.  It was her birthday a while ago and I promised her a day all alone with auntie- without her siblings.  We had a good time – movie, bookstore, being spoiled by Auntie.  Typical outing.  Her Mom sent me an email when I got home that had me laughing.   A case of kids say the darndest things, guaranteed to have you laughing and trying to explain yourself at the same time.

Here is an sample of the emails going back and forth:

Mom:   By the way S mentioned to (her dad) and I that you are a “cougar”.  To this I just remained quiet and speechless – what exactly was going on in the car?

Me:  Ha.  Oh my God.  Chris Brown.  Very cute 18 year old.
        I happened to mention he was cute.
        S said he was sexy.
        I almost died.
        I told her I’d take him off her hands.
       She said “Auntie that would make you a cougar!”
       D almost drove off the road.
       I said “yes S…that would woudn’t it?”
       Big big sigh.  I am so old.

I don’t know what was more traumatizing – having her call the boy “sexy” or me a “cougar”.  Kids grow up way too fast these days. And I may have to start making Botox appointments.



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2 responses to “Milestone

  1. susu

    OMG you DON’T need botx!! Seriously you look amaziing…its friggin kids these days, they know way to much!!

  2. tell me about it…i almost fell over when she said the word ‘sexy’ – i mean she still talks with a lisp for god’s sake!

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